When White’s Make You Sleepy

May 13, 2017

This morning I took a white strain/blend and within 15 minutes, I was passing out at my desk while typing this….. Thus, this content post was born! lol

Why is is that some white strains make you tired when reds are the ones known to do that? Honestly, it depends on the person themselves. For some people, reds make them energized and whites put them to sleep. That is definitely not the norm, but it is for some. It’s the chemistry in our bodies that react to these strains a certain way. There really is no mystery behind it. This is why it’s important to try several different kinds of strains, blends, and vendors so you know exactly what your body prefers and how it reacts to certain things. Keep a journal and notate exactly which strains do what do that you know which one to run to when you need a certain benefit.

Best of luck to you on your kratom journey! We are all different!


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