Kratom Is Safe – 3 Things That Need to Happen Now

December 5, 2018

You might have heard the good news. Kratom is safe (for now, definitely have to add that part because with it comes to laws, laws can change and we have been down this scary road of kratom’s legality being at risk, so we should never get comfortable!). Read the good news here!
What happens now?
1) RESEARCH! More research needs to be done to continue to proof the benefits of kratom. Doing for tests and research will help to clear kratom’s name even more, debunking bogus myths and reiterating its life changing benefits.
2) Give a monthly support to those who fight at the front lines of kratom’s legality. Organizations like Botanical Education Alliance and American Kratom Association are both the ones who work around the clock for kratom. Support them as much as you can so they can get the tools we need to KEEP and get kratom legal nationally.
3) Continue to be an example as a Kratom consumer by sharing the facts about kratom the way it needs to be shared. Avoid saying medical terminology. Kratom is not a cure. Continue to research, yourself, kratom and learn even more about the plant. Try different strains/blends and grow your knowledge on what it does for thousands of people.


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