Trashy People in the Kratom Community

December 5, 2018

It is no secret that there are a group of people in every community that often times ruin it for everyone. Like the bad egg of the family. Same goes with the Kratom Community. There are some really trashy, uneducated, ghetto ass people in the community that are an embarrassment to all of us normal folk. Granted, its a SMALL percentage that are this way, but because they are so stupid and trashy, when they decide to open their mouths, its loud and noticeable. Sadly, it can often times affect the cause that we all fight so hard for (keeping or getting kratom legal). In fact, their stupidity strikes again in a recent event, and the AKA informed us of their antics in their most recent email:
“The Board of Pharmacy staff did express their strong concerns about the content of some of the comments that were made by kratom advocates, including the use of inappropriate profanity and comments related to family members of the staff.  While we expressed strong condemnation of such comments, it was clear that our message had been undermined by these deeply offensive messages.
We encourage every kratom supporter to be professional in future communications. These staffers and the Pharmacy Board Members should be accorded respect even if we disagree with conclusions or opinions they may hold.
If the Ohio Board of Pharmacy does proceed with their Resolution on the Classification of Kratom as a Schedule I Controlled Substance, it will trigger a review under Ohio’s Common Sense Initiative, and then a subsequent review by a Joint Committee of the Legislature.” Read it all HERE.
How embarrassing! Makes many of us normal consumers furious and rightfully so. It honestly makes us all look like addicts, defending our drug of choice, because this is exactly the way an actual drug addict acts! Shame on you if you are one of these people. Get help. Stop talking the drugs you are on (which we know is not kratom!) because it shows when you embarrass yourself and our community like this.
I have been saying for YEARS that we need to represent kratom is the best light possible. Be above reproach! Unfortunately, when someone hears and believes that rumors that kratom is just like pain killers or cocaine (dumbest rumor Ive heard in a while), the ghetto druggies come running! It is truly hard to refrain from being furious in this situation because of the high risk we are already facing when it comes to kratom.
Don’t be dumb.
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