Vendors Bashing Vendors

December 5, 2018

We often hear that the issue with the community are the consumers when they speak a certain way, where they are just looking for a high, etc. They say that draws bad attention. They also say that it is people like me causing the drama that makes kratom look bad….. Actually, I found something worse….. What draws DEA’s attention and makes the community look horrible is when vendors bash vendors when PayPal accounts are reported in order to sabotage another vendor’s money source. That is much more detrimental to the “image” we are trying to show the world about kratom.

Being petty is ugly. Being childish and stirring up shit where there was originally no shit is hideous. I ran across one ugly story about two vendors, one is pretty large and well known while the other is attempting to get there. Then, of course, there is always that one woman in the middle stirring the pot. So the story plays out as a typical Jerry Springer episode where “he said, she said” is spewed throughout and adults act like children having a temper tantrum. Both sides rear up like cobras ready to pounce while the chick in the middle feels somewhat accomplished, yet 100% empty inside, though she will never let the world know! SIGH. Anyway, one side tries to be civil and adultish while the other one does a dirty….plasters lies about a vendor, deterring customers to run away and avoid this man and his company. Oh yeah! Good job not drawing the DEA’s attention on that one. Clearly, they are more fascinated with my toss and wash videos more so than this……Riiiiiight.

As a vendor, as a business person with a company, I expect them to act with a tad bit more decorum than what I have been seeing. It’s embarrassing and it’s not setting a good example for others in the community. Every single time a dumbass reports a kratom vendor’s PayPal account, they are screwing themselves over even more with the illegality of kratom. Every time a vendor attacks another vendor because of some lies or gossip spread about them because she has nothing better to do in her life they are screwing over their own business endeavors.

Basic rule everyone knows…..don’t let a bitch come in between you. That goes for men and women. Remember, there are two sides to every story. What you hear about one person they’ve heard plenty about you. That’s just the way life goes. Everyone has dirt, some have juicier dirt than others, but dirt nonetheless. It is safe to approach every situation the way I do: Do nothing unless it literally happens to YOU. Don’t judge.

If all you have for “evidence” is a screenshot of an ugly reaction because of a hideous action that started it all….then I’m not interested in what you have to say. Showing the ugly side of a person who’s been wronged shows how evil the first person was who initiated it.

“but if all you have for “evidence” is a screenshot of an ugly reaction because of a hideousaction that started it all….then I’m not interested in what you have to say. Showing the ugly side of a person who’s been wronged shows how evil the first person was who initiated it.”

I am not gonna turn against anyone unless they did me wrong first. People who start shit are the ones jeopardizing this community. People who judge another based on what they saw or heard of instead of based on what was done to them are immature, and their opinion is void.

I’ll review you, doesn’t matter if you have the juiciest gossip on the market. You did not do me wrong, so therefore I will not condemn you for literally doing nothing. I try all types of vendors. I’ll continue to do so.


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