Lifted Organics Lab – A Vendor to LOVE

December 6, 2019

I have had the pleasure of trying out a new vendor (new to me) this last week and I am happy to say they are one of my new favorite vendors–and I will explain why.

Lift Organics Lab

Their motto/vision: Bringing high quality, lab-tested, organically grown Kratom to the hands of people in need of healthier alternatives aiding in a better quality of life.


  1. They test their kratom.
  2. They blend some of the top, best kratom strains to create some awesome combos/blends.
  3. Their backstory/testimony is powerful! They are in this for the right reasons!
  4. Free shipping on orders $125+.
  5. Great pricing – testing every batch is not cheap for a vendor, yet they still make sure to make their prices reasonable instead of absurd like a lot of popup vendors (which they are not).
  6. Great customer service!

Their Strong Testimony

Let me start out with their backstory/testimony. I connected with one of the two founders of Lifted Organics Lab to chat about why they started this company and their passion behind all they do for so many consumers:

As an infantry veteran with multiple tours, I suffered from PTSD and anxiety. I was also in a really bad accident when I was cop, which ended my career. After my third surgery I found myself depressed, addicted to pills, and I was drinking heavily. I was introduced to Kratom, and I truly believe Kratom saved my life. We want to save others as well. Our product is already being used in detox centers in the LA area, veterans I know are using our product to treat alcoholism and anxiety, and I’ve given it to several members of my church to help their friends/family wean off opioids and alcohol. Please feel free to chime in Neil.

Jurell was a police officer after his service with the military. That alone makes me respect this company a lot. Many of you know that my own husband is a retired Combat Veteran, so this hits home for me and many other veteran wives. The benefits kratom has for so many who actually need it is lifechanging. Making sure there are vendors out there whose focus is to present the best, most clean and potent kratom out there on the market is so important. This is why I love highlighting these vendors when I happen to run across them!

Reach out to them for any confirmed testing of their product by emailing their customer service line [].


How they blend their kratom strains

They shop from a variety of the best farmers in Indonesia, ensuring they are getting only the best kratom products from the source. Their unique trick is to grab a mature strain/harvest from one farmer and another strain from another and combine them to create some of the best blends I’ve ever tried! The reason behind this is because one farmer works with the same harvest of kratom strain during the season. Therefore, taking one batch from one farm and another batch from another brings together two completely different harvests–producing a very potent blend. A couple of my favorite blends I’ve tried from them are:

Afternoon Delight

This blended 50/50 mix of Red Bali and White Maeng Da. It gives two opposite spectrums of effects that work together. Best taken in the afternoon for energetic yet relaxing effects to feel good finishing out your day. I have literally started every morning this last week with a teaspoon of this blend. That was enough to get me through those hard busy mornings and early afternoons at the district office!

The Getaway

Couldn’t have been called anything better! This blended 50/50 mix of Red Bali and Green Borneo. This blend is for extra relaxation and mood enhancement. Best taken at the end of an evening to just get away from it all–which is exactly what I did. I would come home and right after dinner enjoy this mix in a hot tea while I sit by my Christmas tree. Couldn’t end my days in a more perfect way!

Guess what!? You get a discount!

They were kind enough to create a code for my followers (you guys are amazing), so that you could try their product and perhaps gift it to a friend/family member who needs this in their lives!

Use code KRATOMGIRL to receive 15% off your order! Go try their kratom today!

Watch the review video now and head over to my instagram channel to watch the Kratom Mixing Video, exclusively on instagram

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