Month: October 2020

Whole Earth Gifts

I have the great pleasure of trying out another vendor called Whole Earth Gifts. What I love about them is probably my most longest list I’ve made for a vendor.

The Essence of 2020

I find it interesting that 2020 has been a year full of blessings for my family and I, considering that for so many in the world it has been a year full of pain, stress, and trials. To me, it makes sense in a way….. Years before, while so many were blessed and thriving it seemed, I was suffering in some crazy ways. I was going through trial after trial all while watching the world go by with smiles.

How A Business Woman Became Kratom Girl

My story is a boring one to me, but a life changing one of encouragement to many others. I’ll be honest, there were many times I wanted to hang up my advocacy work and quit all this, but then I’d receive that one message from a “fan” who credits me for their life changing, who says: “If it wasn’t for you and your videos years ago, I wouldn’t have found kratom when I did. My life wouldnt have been changed for the better if it wasn’t for you.”

The Daily Hard Herb – Indonesia’s Finest

Innovative Nano technology, responsible care for the farmers and processing is behind the mission statement of The Daily Hard Herb company. Established in 2016 with the advancement in using Nano technology since 2018. With a wide variety of stains and products to fit your needs, the website is catered with care for the veteran user to beginners and a reliable customer care service for additional support. With owner Harold Anwar, who is a passionate advocate for this ancestral remedy plant and generously wants to share this natural alternative to help benefit many others without it being costly.