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October 10, 2020

The Daily Hard Herb was established in 2016 and has advanced in using nano technology since 2018. It continues to provide a wide variety of Kratom strains and products to fit your needs. Their website is catered with care for the veteran user to beginners and reliable customer care service provides additional support Owner Harold Anwar is a passionate advocate for this ancestral remedy, endorsing safe practices and wants to share this natural alternative to help others at an affordable rate.

His pressing stance on educating yourself on Kratom with a helpful link here, shows his care for the consumer goes above and beyond. It’s not about a competitive market strategy that drives him but the sacrifice it takes on the farmers livelihood hence the brand’s name. 100% organic farming and innovative Nano technology and responsible care for the farmers is behind their mission statement. This company provides both quality and quantity with the help of this amazing machinery capable of busting out 300 kilos an hour! You can be sure of The Daily Hard Herb purity standards as the lab test results can be viewed on their website showing this company takes your best interest to heart.

The best beginner strains recommended are Super Green, White Borneo and Red MD. The best selling products are mostly Green strains but don’t bypass the White Borneo, Hulu, MD or the Red Borneo, Gold and Bentuangie after getting your feet wet with the greens! There is a variety to choose from to avoid a comfort tolerance to this alternative. Beyond the Kratom, you can also get quality coffee and sweet clothing attire. This company is so versatile! The Daily Hard Herb is a one stop shop to explore and to invest in your total well being, not just another health craze. Get it straight from the source and enjoy what I came to discover with their products, a fresh and renewed spirit ready to take charge of the day with a peaceful mind.

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