The Social Shutdown Giveaway

November 25, 2020

Hosted by Whole Earth Gifts 
Social Shut Down Giveaway!!!

From November 25th to the Sunday evening, the 29th at 6PM Pacific Timefollow/like any of WEG (Whole Earth Gifts) social media channels, and comment “Social Shut Down” for a chance to win a package from them. Each platform has its own prize, follow them all for more chances to win. Only one prize per winner and only ONE winner (you cannot win more than once).  

The Grand prize

Follow on MeWe and comment “Social Shut Down”

Winning Package includes:
– 75 Gram 3 Strain Sampler Pack of Whole Earth Powders 
KR8om™ – 2 x Bottles of Liquid Extracts 
1836 Kratom – 112 Grams of Kratom Powder 
Mitrabotanicals – 1 Bottle of 75 Count Capsules 
Super Speciosa – 1 Bottle of 60 Count Capsules 
and of course you DONT pay for shipping. Its ALL free if you are a winner!


Other Social Media Channels Prizes

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter each receive one winning package 
with FREE SHIPPING that includes 
– 1836 Kratom – 50 Count 1 Gram Capsules 
– Whole Earth -75 Gram Sampler Pack of Powders 

Facebook – Like the page share the page and comment “social shut down”
Instagram – Follow us, Like and comment “Social Shut Down”
Twitter – Follow, comment “Social Shut Down” and re-tweet
Pinterest – Follow, Like a pin, and comment “Social Shut Down”


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I’ll track those that follow me on my channel and send the list to WEG for your ranking of the winners!!!

Best of luck to you all! Remember, this giveaway starts now and ends Sunday, November 29th 2020.

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