Kratom Tablets – The New Popular Way to Dose Kratom

December 18, 2020


  • Widely accepted, elegant
  • Custom size, shape, and appearance
  • Scored tablets make it possible for dose splitting
  • Typically have lower cost
  • Preferred delivery for products with large amounts per serving due to compressibility
  • Controlled release agents used in tablets can aid specific nutrient uptake
  • Dissolution control for quick, delayed, or extended release

Maintaining a consistent dosage with kratom powder can be difficult. Some require a digital scale to ensure an accurate dose. It is a hassle measuring out the powder or “shot” ensuring you are consistently consuming the same amount your body prefers. While it may sound easy to some to weigh out each dose, it can be time consuming to say the least. A kratom capsule contains premeasured dosage amounts of kratom powder. Consumers can achieve the same results of kratom without having to spend extra time and money measuring it out every time with other dosing methods. With the kratom capsule options offered by Whole Earth Gifts, you can expect premeasured dosages. All dosage information is specifically listed on the label. Whole Earth Gifts offer Red and Green. Discount code info at the bottom of this post. ENJOY!

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