Start Your Mornings Out Right

December 18, 2020

Wanna know how I start my mornings? Well, this WAS the way I would start my mornings, pre-newborn. Scroll down at the bottom of this post to watch the video of how I start my mornings these days…. (yawn).

Start your day like this to ensure it is a stress and worry-free, motivational start to your day:

Kratom Girl’s Morning Schedule:

  1. Sit up in bed and give a sitting sun salutation. There is just something about raising your hands up high after sitting up in bed, clasping your fingers together, closing your eyes and thanking God for another day. YOU hold all the power to how your day is going to be, so taking these first moments upon waking to take that power serious is vitally important to not only your mental well-being, but for your overall health. I get out of bed, wash my face with cold water (because I dont know about you, but I need that “wake me up” splash in the face to get focused) and then head to my kitchen.
  2. Mix up a “shot” of kratom tea first thing. White strains tend to cause me anxiety, so I avoid just white. I love to combine white with red. It’s a perfect morning combo for someone who suffers with chronic severe pain. I take a small teaspoon of Whole Earth Gift’s White Vein and another small teaspoon of their Red Vein, mix it with orange juice in a tiny cup, and shoot it back fast (I cannot stand the taste of kratom). Within 5 minutes, my body is starting to relax, my muscles retract (I wake up tense. It takes my body some time during the morning to relax itself, for sleeping and not moving causes my muscles and nerves to freeze if you will).
  3. I LOVE to bundle up in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, take my yoga mat outside and do yoga in the crisp, cold weather in the mornings (winter, I stay indoors). There is just something about seeing the air escaping my mouth and watching it disappear that is therapeutic to me. By the time Im going down into downward facing dog pose, the kratom tea is kicking in, and a small smile forms on my face while I continue my moves all while feeling my body loosen a little more.
  4. I pray. I dont care what you believe or who you pray to, but praying reminds us that there is something greater than us and that we will always need the help of another, that we do NOT hold the world in our hands and that we are allowed to mess up, fall and get back up again.
  5. I finish getting ready for work, kiss my sleeping husband and kids goodbye and head out the door to drive my 40 minute commute into the wine country of Oregon and into the tiny country school district I work in. The drive is soothing and beautiful. I have a specific playlist that I listen to. If you are interested in that, you can find it HERE (public) and this is my Good Morning, Shaunna playlist.

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