The Untold Secrets of Super Strains

December 18, 2020

When it comes to kratom, a lot can be misunderstood, misrepresented, or simply not explained correctly BECAUSE there has not been much research and testing done on it considering it is an unregulated supplement. The more popular kratom becomes, the more research will be done on it. Until then, a lot of what we know about kratom comes from overseas, from the farmers who grow it and are willing to share the process with the public, and to scientists who care to take the time to do research.

On the topic of the “super” strains, there are a few different opinions.

1st opinion:

“It’s a marketing gimmick in most instances. Premium, super and ultra are just ways of drawing one’s interest toward products that don’t “sound as good” without the enticing descriptor. However, some suppliers might mix their better greens, reds, or whites to create a “super” blend. For example, if I remember correctly, ECB stated awhile back that his Super Green was a supplier’s proprietary blend of green strains from the “farmers” stock. In my experience, rarely does it equate to a better product. One notable exception is DGB’s Premium MD which comes from the “Super Strain Farm.” DGB’s products are typically a notch above most and his Super and Premium varieties are truly that, but also come with a premium price.”

2nd opinion:

“Premium means that the stem and vein is removed prior to grinding and it is ground more than once to produce a superfine powder. The term Super isn’t as universally accepted.”

3rd opinion:

“The generally accepted terminology means indoor dried and no sun exposure whichever leads to higher mg counts but lower 7ohm. Now of course not every supplier follows that rule but that’s the most common explanation.”

So, what IS the truth about “super” strains? Is it really just a “marketing” gimmick?

Fact is, unless vendors are forced to follow guidelines, rules, and regulations that PROVE the strain they are claiming to sell you truly is THAT STRAIN, then it is going to be purely based on trust and labs that vendor provides. Furthermore, based on the reports from our own farmers we work with, the opinion that is closest to the truth is both opinion #2 and #3. The “super” aka potency/strength of the strain is based on the sun exposure and drying process AND removing the stem and vein prior to grinding.

Effects of Super Green Indo Kratom

This is popularly known for its diverse effects. It does not only give the normal effects that traditionally any Kratom strain would give but it also helps in stimulation production as well as relaxation.

Effects Caused By This Kratom Strain

Pain relief  – This is an effective analgesic. It alters pain pathways and induces the release of endorphins as well as enkephalins. Its primary role is focused on the Opiate receptors “mu” making is a leader in pain reduction. This is the simple reason why those who experience acute and therapeutic pain such as those from chemo and radiotherapy, as well as surgical pain, prefer to use this frequently to fight the pain.

Euphoria – When taken on a maximum dosage, it gives mild euphoria.

Relaxation – This also brings about great relaxation. Your mind will easily forget any worries or stress and this relaxes the nerves. Such state of the mind works in allowing one to be more focused and happy. Calmness, as well as relaxation, are part of the effects of this strain that make it a popular strain.

Stimulation – It works on the Opiate receptors found in our brain as well as the periphery to produce stimulation while evoking intense responses. It works in a similar manner to Opiates in making one high while inducing euphoria as well as mood enhancement. The stimulation effects of this strain also work in the promotion of motivation for one to keep working or studying as well as being awake.

Wakefulness and heightened alertness – It works in helping those who experience laziness and excess sleep. It helps in keeping one awake for long while working efficiently.

Focus – This strain allows for more focus while reducing lethargy. At the specific points when one is not able to focus, this strain becomes very effective. It increases the periods by which one can concentrate on making it easier for one to work or even study.


Because this is a super Kratom strain, you do not need a high dosage and about 2g is good to go. In case the desired effects are not experienced, you can take another gram or two in a span of 30 minutes until you get the sweet spot for you. High doses lessen the effects and in this case, one should avoid this. High doses can also lead to nausea as well as headaches.

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