Current KCPA Bills This 2021 Legislative Session, The Kratom Consumer Protection Act by Kami Davis

January 20, 2021

Written By Kami Ann Davis ?? Original article posted on

If you’ve been following my blog, along with the American Kratom Association then you must of heard about the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA)?

The KCPA is the bill which will establish dietary supplement regulations for Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa. The American Kratom Association, is working to enact this bill on the federal level, across America this 2021 legislative session.

The KCPA will establish guidelines and safety procedures for vendors and consumers to abide by. Vendors will be held to these safety standards by law, to ensure consumers receive unadulterated pure leaf Kratom. For example, the Kratom Consumer Protection Act will criminalize anyone selling an unsafe, adulterated Kratom product to the public, or anyone for that matter.

It will require any vendor who falls into this legislation, to lab-test their product; to ensure absolute safety. It also includes requirements for proper labeling and age restrictions, along with GMP certification.

Below, you will find the list of KCPA bills that have entered the legislative process, to begin this 2021 session. We are, in fact fighting a war. Please support the American Kratom Association, by signing up to volunteer or receive emails about the future of Kratom and how you can be involved.

The AKA is a nonprofit organization and they need donations for lobbying efforts. If you’d like to help win the war on Kratom, please go to and donate.

I have also enclosed a draft of this bill, the Kratom Consumer Protection Act ~


The Kratom Consumer Protection Act ~

New Hampshire HB333 KCPA

Mississippi SB2370 KCPA

Missouri SB2110 Schedule Kratom

Texas HB1097 KCPA

New York A00294 KCPA

Oregon HB2646 KCPA

Kansas HB2056

Please check back frequently, to see updates, as I will be adding more bills as they enter into this year’s session.

Thank you to Melody, Kelly & everyone else searching with us!!! ~ Love to you all.. Respectfully Yours Kami Davis

Written By Kami Ann Davis ??


Hi there.. My name is Kami Davis and I am a Psychiatric Nurse. I am also a Kratom Advocate and Consumer for 3 years. I am District Captain for California, for the American Kratom Association, fighting every single day to keep Kratom legal. Besides having mad passion about this magical, miracle healing plant Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa; I am also a single mother to an incredible 16-year old boy, who will be entering firefighting academy soon. I have decided to blog about Kratom, in hopes of clearing up the misconceptions there are, within the media and various social platforms. I’m on a mission to dispel lies surrounding this plant but also in hopes of bringing my Kratom family here to help spread their truth as well. My goal is to share hundreds of testimonies. You just wait and see, because we warriors UNITE. Love and Hugs to You All

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