Kratom Deaths, DEBUNKED.

January 20, 2021

Written By Kami Ann Davis ??

If you are reading this and you’re against Kratom, you’ve come to the right place. BECAUSE, your mind is about to be changed.

I challenge you to fact check every Kratom-related death, to see if you can come up with actual proof that SHOWS the person died from Kratom, ALONE. I think there is like one death ever reported from Kratom alone and <<<still>>> there are no lab values showing actual toxicity. Even if there was ONE death or even a FEW deaths from Kratom alone, why would that even MATTER, or be of significance when we literally have over 120 people being buried a day from opioid overdose alone. That’s not even counting death caused by other deadly substances, such as cocaine, heroin, and meth.

The more you research this plant, the more truth you will see. Slowly, the wool ..that’s been covering your eyes will be lifted. You will see that there are never <<<actual>>> statistics and an <<<ACTUAL>>> TOXICOLOGY REPORT >>> that state Kratom Death. It’s ALWAYS Kratom RELATED DEATH. The FDA, DEA, and media will spin it though to make you read and think that it is a death from Kratom.

Stop being manipulated by your newsfeed, and start thinking for YOURSELF. They constantly say poison control calls are on the rise for Kratom. But, if you look at the actual data, you’ll see that those calls involved poly-drug use or these folks had underlying medical problems and were mixing Kratom with their medications.

Kratom alone, in pure leaf form is as safe as any other herb. It’s a dietary supplement and dietary supplements (as the FDA states) are safe until proven otherwise. Dietary supplements are also classified as a food. Therefore, Kratom IS a food. These supplements that we are allowed to buy are safe, until proven otherwise.

But, going back to ‘related’ ..Kratom seems to be related to anything that’s tragic just because it happened to be nearby. Which is ridiculous and biased. For example, a story broke out where a man overheated from sitting in a car too long, in scorching summer heat, I might add. They said Kratom was to blame because the man had it in his system. In other words, you better do your research before believing these ridiculous stories that are made up.

This is a study done by poison control themselves along with NIDA that shows any death related to Kratom is involving deadly drugs and other substances, that were being mixed with Kratom at the time of ingestion.

By the way, <<<NIDA>>> the NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR DRUG ABUSE SUPPORTS the use of Kratom. They have put up millions of their OWN DOLLARS to support a study of this plant. These are the medical professionals, doctors, and scientists who are against drug abuse and the dangerous side-effects of drugs. If they are interested in learning more about Kratom and support the benefits of it, shouldn’t that tell you something?

Written By Kami Ann Davis ??

I love Dr. Jack Henningfield’s analysis and he also represents NIDA

It states plain and loudly that Kratom is GOOD for US. It states that Kratom is SAFE for us to take. It states that the FDA, DEA, and media ARE LYING TO YOU. If you think I’m crazy, remember this next time you go to pay for that prescription. That when you choose something holistic, the FDA and insurance companies are NOT involved. You are being your own free agent and you’re paying for your own healthcare while they don’t receive any piece of the pie. Big Pharma wants to be able to keep eating a piece of your pie. Don’t let them.

Here is another form of false media coverage to support the FDA’s disinformation campaign. This is a news report spinning information trying to make Kratom look like a dangerous and deadly substance.

They paint a scary and very condemning picture stating over an only 17-month time period that Kratom was a cause of death for 100 people. Then the FDA says 44 deaths were associated with Kratom. NOW that they have basically LIED TO YOU, and brainwashed you, they NOW ALL GO ON TO SAY <<<including the CDC>>> that ALL OF THEM had deadly substances in their system such as COCAINE, HEROIN, BENZODIAZEPINES, FENTANYL, and PRESCRIPTION OPIOIDS. AND …that number of people’s deaths associated with Kratom make up less than ONE PERCENT of ALL OVERDOSE DEATHS.

Let that sink into your head. The number of people’s deaths associated with Kratom make up less than ONE PERCENT of ALL OVERDOSE DEATHS The number of people’s deaths associated with Kratom make up less than ONE PERCENT of ALL OVERDOSE DEATHS

Here is the latest so-called ‘Kratom Death’ ~Again… They have NO proof. Where are the lab values showing the amount of Kratom in HIS BLOOD? It says he died of heart problems and pulmonary congestion. EVEN IF this man did die from Kratom alone it’s a SUPER RARE THING. It is disheartening to say the least how people use this poor man’s death to try and paint Kratom into something that it’s not.

Here is ANOTHER Kratom Death, DEBUNKED.
Journal of Forensic Science ~ This case report from 2012 is often referred to in other ‘Kratom Death’ articles, when spinning the truth and trying to confuse people. ‘A Drug Fatality Involving Kratom’.

This man did not die from Kratom, alone. He died from poly-drug use. He was mixing benzodiazepines with cough syrup and Kratom. Again, this is not a death from Kratom toxicity as they plainly stated it. LIES from a coroner and medical examiner. I want to see these professionals be held accountable for falsifying medical documents.

Here is an interesting article regarding the reasoning behind Kratom being banned in Thailand, in the early 1900s. It was because opium addicts were taking Kratom instead and getting clean, sober, and becoming successful in life. Thus, Thailand’s opium trade was dying because of it. So, they banned it and let their citizens become criminalized instead and die from their opium addictions, while they keep raking it in.

Kratom is SAFE. KRATOM IS a partial agonist but caffeine is one too. Therefore, Kratom deserves to be legal and remain a dietary supplement/food.

Numbers don’t lie. The death toll is rising from deadly drugs in America and across the world, for that matter. Kratom is a safe tool that is being utilized by millions of Americans. Don’t let them ban it here, the same way they did in Thailand. Respectfully Yours, Kam?

FYI: Please support the American Kratom Association! I follow Mac Haddow super closely and spread their word as well. We adore our leaders, and so should you! They’re fighting hard to keep a plant legal and accessible that may save you or your child’s life some day. They are a nonprofit organization and need all the help they can get. Please go to and donate. Please follow our beloved leader Sir Mac Haddow @


Hi there.. My name is Kami Davis and I am a Psychiatric Nurse. I am also a Kratom Advocate and Consumer for 3 years. I am District Captain for California, for the American Kratom Association, fighting every single day to keep Kratom legal. Besides having mad passion about this magical, miracle healing plant Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa; I am also a single mother to an incredible 16-year old boy, who will be entering firefighting academy soon. I have decided to blog about Kratom, in hopes of clearing up the misconceptions there are, within the media and various social platforms. I’m on a mission to dispel lies surrounding this plant but also in hopes of bringing my Kratom family here to help spread their truth as well. My goal is to share hundreds of testimonies. You just wait and see, because we warriors UNITE. Love and Hugs to You All

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