Kratom Guide – Ready to Start Kratom?

January 20, 2021

I have put together a Kratom Guide, listing everything you will need to know before you get started with kratom. Taken from articles written by me and others, I gather all of the most important information here in one spot to help you jump start your kratom journey!

Part 1 – What is kratom?

First, you need to know what it is before you should attempt to try. THIS ARTICLE helps cover the basics on what kratom is.

Part 2 – Is kratom legal in my state/country?

THIS ARTICLE will give you a list of countries and USA states where kratom is illegal/legal and what some common statuses are for kratom (for the most updated list, visit AKA).

Part 3 – Is kratom addicting?

HERE is the answer to that common question, and HERE are some things you should know about the risks (because everything has a risk. Even coffee can become addicting, with health issues if consumed too much).

Part 4 – Does kratom show up on a drug test?

Though kratom might be legal in your state/country, sometimes a job will not want you to take non-FDA approved substances, so THIS ARTICLE will help answer this common question.

Part 5 – How much should I take?

THIS ARTICLE helps go into dosing with kratom for the first time.

Part 6 – HOW should I take my kratom?

THIS ARTICLE goes into the various ways you can consume kratom.

We hope these articles help you on learning more about kratom if you are new to it. Shop our store that carries a variety of kratom strains and blends. Here are some articles that cover recommended strains depending on why you desire to take kratom:

  • Strains for Euphoria
  • Strains for losing weight
  • Strains for motivation/mood lift/fighting depression
  • Strains for pain management

Remember, kratom is not for everyone. Watch this video to understand my viewpoint on taking kratom:






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??Must be in a legal state, and 18 years or older to research this plant. No medical claims are being made here. Natural alternatives MAY be able to HELP, but there is no cure. Use caution as you do with any other natural alternative. I am not a doctor and will not give you medical advice. Everything in moderation, which includes kratom. 

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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