More Kratom Deaths DEBUNKED, by Dr. Jane Babin via the American Kratom Association by Kami Davis

January 21, 2021

Written By Kami Ann Davis ? Original article posted HERE.

Kratom is condemned and blamed for just about everything. If someone commits suicide, Kratom is to blame. Literally, there is a report in here of this. If a man overheats in his car, Kratom is to blame. If someone shoots themselves in the head, Kratom is to blame. If someone THROWS THEMSELVES OUT A WINDOW, Kratom is to blame. That’s in here also!

These lies HAVE TO STOP. I am going to spread the TRUTH <<<of what REALLY HAPPENED>>> with the help of information that the American Kratom Association has so graciously provided the public with.

Even if these deaths WERE true, it STILL would be insignificant, compared to the thousands upon thousands of deaths occurring all over the world; due to drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methadone, amphetamines, fentanyl, flakka, nicotine, and alcohol.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that more than 70,000 people died in the U.S. from an opioid overdose in 2019. These numbers are projected to be higher in 2020.

Dave Herman, former chairperson for the American Kratom Association describes the reasoning behind the 9 deaths occurring in Sweden which were due to Kratom powder that was laced with tramadol, labeled ‘krypton’. This did occur a long time ago ..but the FDA still refers to them as legitimate Kratom deaths, which keeps getting recirculated in the media today.

However, Kratom is so safe that even this small group of deaths that the FDA, DEA, and media keep recirculating over and over (from years ago I might add) are FALSE. Below you will find Dr. Jane Babin’s explanation of how these deaths are not a result from Kratom alone. She goes through each death, one by one debunking them ALL.

This is the very popular case of the New York State Policeman, Matthew Dana who supposedly died from a Kratom overdose. He DIED FROM PULMONARY EDEMA, which has never been associated with Kratom ever before in humans nor in mice. Pulmonary edema DOES occur in individuals who take steroids and cocaine. Both of which this man was taking. He was actually taking Kratom to try and get clean. The FDA and many coroners, toxicologists, and medical examiners oftentimes refer to this man’s case to confuse and discourage you about Kratom. Probably because he’s a cop, it holds more weight, and they know this will influence your thinking.
Matthew Dana

Below is a complete list of every single Kratom-related death. Along with it, an explanation of how it wasn’t a result from Kratom, alone. All deaths involve poly-drug use and/or underlying health problems with reckless behavior.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and learn the truth. Respectfully Yours, Kami Ann Davis ~ September 27, 2020

Written By Kami Ann Davis ?

NOTE: The side-by-side pictures are examples of people who are taking cocaine, heroin, flakka, and meth alongside a picture of someone such as myself who is taking Kratom.

Here is a video of Dr. Jane Babin explaining the FDA’s junk science ~

Many thanks.. Dr. Jane Babin, PhD, JD
After I found Kratom, I was able to experience joy again. It gave me quality in life again.
My son and I at Disneyland!!!
As you can see, Kratom Consumers are not abusing or using harming substances. Kratom is not harmful, nor is it a drug. Kratom is a dietary supplement/food.
Sir Mac Haddow, Senior Fellow on Public Policy for the American Kratom Association ~ Our Beloved Leader
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Created and Written By Kami Ann Davis, September 27, 2020


Hi there.. My name is Kami Davis and I am a Psychiatric Nurse. I am also a Kratom Advocate and Consumer for 3 years. I am District Captain for California, for the American Kratom Association, fighting every single day to keep Kratom legal. Besides having mad passion about this magical, miracle healing plant Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa; I am also a single mother to an incredible 16-year old boy, who will be entering firefighting academy soon. I have decided to blog about Kratom, in hopes of clearing up the misconceptions there are, within the media and various social platforms. I’m on a mission to dispel lies surrounding this plant but also in hopes of bringing my Kratom family here to help spread their truth as well. My goal is to share hundreds of testimonies. You just wait and see, because we warriors UNITE. Love and Hugs to You All

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