Mid Day Dose When Living in Pain

January 23, 2021

There is no one on the face of this dying earth that knows how it feels to have a “bad day”, unless they too have tried to live a day while battling chronic pain. It’s hard, even as a working mom to not find myself slightly annoyed when hearing other mom’s say they have it so hard. No. I agree that it’s hard for you, but remember it could always be harder. It still feels good to vent, which is what we all do and what we ALL should welcome a listening ear to because we are human and we all have our days that feel shitty.

Living days, as a working mom, living with chronic pain, with a family, husband and three children to care for…..life can be pretty damn hard. So I’m gonna talk about what I do during my midday exhaustion to keep myself going…..

Today I dosed with a few different things during the midday hump because of the signs my body was telling me. The supplements were as follows:

  • Kratom (KR8om™ Kratom Extract B6 Liquid 12ml). Click HERE to read about the benefits of B6.
  • Life Extension D-L-Phenyalanine 500 mg
    • Supports production of L-tyrosine, which is used to make dopamine, norepinephrine & epinephrine
    • Helps promote mood & sleep
    • Supports cognitive function
    • Provides protection for brain cells
  • (2) Vit D3 – 1000UI
    • Fights disease
    • Reduces depression
    • Boosts weight loss
    • A lot of people are D-ficient of Vitamin D and not even know it, so READ this article to find out the symptoms and get started taking it yourself!

I take vitamin D because my labs came back telling me that I am low, PLUS I hit about every mark on that list of signs you can tell, so there is rarely a day when I do not take vitamin D on top of my multi-vitamin (which I take in the morning).

After taking my midday supplements, about 10-20 minutes later, I start to get that second wind. This momma can keep hustling despite the pain!

Keep hustling, my friends!


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