The Hidden Kratom Consumers

February 4, 2021

“The image of wealthy moms slurping kratom tea in lieu of a cappuccino, or trendy Bay Area residents popping kratom pills socially just for its mild, mellow body high, cuts strangely against the dire tone of most government reports on kratom.” – Wired.

“A third of our clientele are looking for a caffeine-free alternative to get them through their day,” Day says. “I’m talking soccer moms.” Day is the owner of Clean Kratom Wellness Center, Denver’s 1st and largest Kratom Dispensary.

A third…. Bet that surprises most of you. That is A LOT of posh soccer moms! Bet you never would have guessed that Stacy’s mom who is a lawyer by day and a volunteer at her PTA, pops back those kratom pills. Bet you’d be surprised that the Executive at work sips of kratom tea instead of the coffee at the office’s waterhole.

I’m not surprised. You know why I’m not surprised? Because I’m one of those women. An educated, accomplished Executive, living in a half million dollar home, driving my kids around while sipping my kratom tea. In fact, I’m rather proud of where I am today, what I have, and how far I’ve come because it took literal blood, sweat, and tears to get here–with barely any support. In fact, I had ZERO family support and survived on the fumes of friends’ little generosities here and there that they were able to spare. Eventually I’ll tell my entire story because it is impactful for some women who need to read it. I was a woman who refused to stay in an abusive marriage. The excuses I hear from women who decide to stay because “they have no money”, “they have no job”, “they have no place to go” etc. Well, my story shows that yes, yes you can, even without all that.

Women like that and all kinds of other men and women consume kratom as if it was a holistic staple in their day to day living. Let’s normalize it together. If you have that same vision for kratom advocacy, then consider joining me. Either as a volunteer contributor or a partner, we need more variety of demographics. Let’s speak up with no embarrassment.

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