Stacy’s Mom’s Tea

February 22, 2021

My kratom tea is a need in my life. Not a want. Not an option. Not an occasional recreational enjoyment. It is the one thing that helps relieve some of the chronic issues I have to live with.

And many are in my exact situation. Many of us feel the need to conceal this truth so we are not judge or misunderstood. Moms like me, business women, that soccer mom down the street–this is our morning cup of “coffee”. We hide our consumption as if our tea was laced with vodka.

I am here to change that.

There is a big difference between needing and wanting. I’ll provide some examples:

If you live with a chronic illness that gets relief from a certain product/medicine, that is something you would need.

If you are lacking energy and just want an easy pick me up first thing in the morning (all while having a lot of variety of things to choose from), and you decide to pick this one thing that does the job, that is something you want.

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Those of us who suffer with a chronic issue, they tend to need to find something that works for them, that helps relieve that issue they have to deal with. At this point you realize that whatever you choose, it will have to become a routine need in your life. Whether it be a medication or an alternative supplement, it’s going to be there, apart of your daily tasks and schedules. Perhaps making that decision requires you to have to select the lesser of evils because this product will be a daily consumption. We know when you take the same thing every day you may get dependent on it, or its potency will lesson overtime, or you may have side effects. Even with the best prescription on the market, many have to accept and deal with the side effects just to continue to receive the benefits.

I’m like Stacy’s Mom, where my son’s friends love coming over, a mom who also enjoys a special tea — and there are THOUSANDS of other hustling moms just like me. The underground, untouched demographic of suburban housewives are just now starting to “come out” and no longer hide their tea.

You better believe there is more to come…. Stay tuned.

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