Coffee Is SO Overrated – Top 4 Reasons Why

March 1, 2021

I was always that odd one who always declined coffee when offered. Though when I was trying to impress my boss at a new job, I would always accept it and put on my best poker face when drinking it—

Now that I think about it, those asshats didn’t deserve such dedication from me. Never again will I pretend to like something to impress anyone–but I’ll save that for another post.

Anyway, the point is, I hate coffee. Always have, always will. Why? No clue. Just not tasty on my tongue/tastebuds. What can I say. Therefore, naturally, I had to find an alternative to coffee so that I could survive that hour commute into Portland or that alternative that would help me survive the 2PM energy crash. Yes, that’s a thing.

Of course, I tried everything under the sun. Monsters were my big thing in college. Then I tried other things after my college years and up till my successful career years. Finding an alternative to coffee was actually hard, but when I finally found it… life was changed. I obviously found and am speaking about kratom. I know, big surprise! Kratom Girl found kratom! Shush. My point is that not many people talk about kratom being the perfect substitute to coffee. There are millions of people who are sensitive to coffee, that need to find something different to help with a lack of energy and alertness. Kratom literally is that perfect alternative and I’ll tell you why.

  1. Kratom gives you energy (white vein). It boosts your mental clarity, providing a natural subtle desire to “get shit done”. Many even use it to workout because it helps them get over that hurtle, giving them their second breath.
  2. Kratom can last longer in your system for many people, providing consistent relief for hours, with no crash! Kratom’s shelf life, when stored properly, is about the same as most similar plant powders such as delicate tea flowers like green and white tea or chamomile. What makes the difference is who you buy from, how you store it, and the method you consume it.
  3. Kratom is in the coffee family anyway! I couldn’t have said it better than Top Tree Herbs, so I’ll just quote them:

Coffee and kratom have a lot in common aside from their botanical relation.  They both are desired for their alkaloids that resemble neurotransmitters.  

Caffeine is structured similarly to adenosine, a molecule in your body that’s related to digestion and drowsiness. Regarded as an adenosine blocker, caffeine exerts it’s energizing and mood boosting effects in a consistent and reliable way.

Kratom’s primary active alkaloids are all indole alkaloids. Indoles, simply, is a broad category of molecules that are built around a similar scaffold, called the indole ring.

Mitragynine, the most frequently cited alkaloid for the effects of kratom, is no exception. It’s indole shape is important because many of our most important neurotransmitters are also indoles, such as serotonin and melatonin. In another twist of fate, mitragynine’s three dimensional shape twists in such a manner so as to mimic endorphin!  

This is all to say, coffee is a great natural energy booster, but it’s not the only option!

Top Tree Herbs

4. Kratom has multiple uses and offers more than just energy. Whereas, coffee just offers energy and then a nasty crash for most. Many consume kratom to help them relax and sleep better if they are suffering from insomnia. Many consume kratom for their chronic issues or diseases for it helps ease pain and boosts the immune system, many claim. Then there are those who suffer from depression or anxiety where kratom helps boost the mood and relief stress. Coffee pales in comparison….


Kratom is an alternative to coffee for millions of people worldwide. Some even drink both. More power to them! Kratom is a staple in many homes, sitting amongst their other supplements and natural alternatives. It is definitely another option to try if you are finding yourself becoming too dependent on coffee or noticing that coffee no longer gives you the energy you are needing. Even going back and forth between coffee and kratom, which would keep your tolerance down, it’s something many do. Remember, they’re sisters, so a lot of the same things apply. Everything in moderation!

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