Chasing the Joy

March 9, 2021

When you begin your journey with kratom, if you were one who needed something to help your mood, then you know the feeling of having to “chase the joy” at one point or another. This usually begins to happen once you have been taking kratom for quite some time. Kratom improves your mood in a subtle but yet fulfilling way, but after some time, that feeling is short lived and you find yourself chasing the joy. Another similar phrase is chasing the high. However, I refuse to use that verbiage when it comes to being a kratom consumer. It is not a high that you feel after consuming kratom. It’s a feeling. You FEEL so much better, more at ease, pain free, and energized (depending on the strain you take). But regardless, you will eventually find yourself chasing those benefits as years pass as a regular kratom consumer.

This chasing is a common occurrence with anything you take regularly. If you have an energy drink every single day for months/years, they will eventually stop working/giving you energy.

Kratom contains more than 25 alkaloids. Mitragynine is the primary constituent;
it also has effects on adenosine, alpha adrenergic and serotonin receptors. When tolerance hits, you cannot get the stimulation back by simply upping the dose of kratom. Many will try, but then they will quickly become sick, get the spins, throw up and hate life (at that moment). It’s a shitty feeling.

Ultimately, kratom tolerance refers to when it can no longer influence dopamine signaling and those benefits are lost. Chasing the joy is no longer possible with detoxing, tapering or substituting.

So what do you do then? Taper, detox (stopping), or substitute. BUT what if you are not taking kratom for the hell of it? What if you take it because you actually need something for: your pain, your mood, your restlessness — fill in the blank. What do you do then? Well, what many don’t mention is the fourth option…. switch up the temperature of your dosing. If you typically toss and wash, or create a shot and drink it, or do any of those methods that specifically consist of chilled/cold/room temperature kratom mix, switch it to a warm/hot method like kratom tea. Changing the temperature of your kratom dose creates a mental tweak in a way. I cant “prove this”, but I know from experience. You can control the strength of the kratom tea by ensuring you’re creating an authentic kratom tea, like the ones they do in Indonesia. I take it even further though. I put some stem and vein in my kratom tea (using only one tea bag) and consume kratom this way for 1-2 weeks. By that time, my levels are back to normal and kratom is affective as if I was a newb.

Remember, everything in moderation. Remembering this will help you avoid tolerance increase. There is nothing wrong with seeking joy and happiness. That should never be frowned upon. However, we must have a realistic mindset. Kratom is not a cure, nor does it work perfectly for a consumer, so don’t give kratom unrealistic expectations. Kratom will never live up to them….just like vitamin C doesn’t guarantee I won’t get sick.

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