The Perfect Kratom Blends At the Best Times

May 1, 2021

Depending on the effects that you want to feel, there would be different blends that you could try. It is important to know the main properties of each strain before combining them. Some examples of the different strains and properties are:kratom for pain relief and relaxation

Pain relief: Red Vein Maeng Da

Relaxing effects: Bali and Red Vein Sumatra

Sedative effects: Red Vein Bali and Indo

Energy boosting: White Vein Maeng Da and White Vein Borneo

Euphoric effects: Indo and Bali

Anxiety relief: Red Vein Sumatra and Red Vein Borneo

Social anxiety: Green Malay and Indo

Also, consider that Bali is the shortest acting strain, whilst Indo, Borneo and Green Malay are the longest acting strains of kratom.

Below are some examples of the best kratom combinations by strain.

Kratom Blend for Euphoria

3 parts of Indo kratom – this will give a sense of euphoria and will help extend the effects.

2 parts of Bali or Red Vein Borneo – this will provide relaxation and euphoria.

Morning Energy Booster

6 parts of White Vein Sumatra – to achieve energy in the morning.

3 parts of Green Malay – to get a sense of euphoria.

1 part of Bali or Red Vein Borneo – this will help extend the duration of the effects.

Kratom Blend for Relaxation

2 parts of Bali or Red Vein Borneo – these strains help with relaxation and pain relief.

1 part of Red Vein Sumatra – this helps with relaxation and euphoria.

1 part of Indo kratom – this will help increase the duration of the effects.

Kratom Blend for Pain Relief

5 parts of Bali kratom or Red Vein Borneo – this is for pain relief.

1 part of White Vein Borneo or Green Malay – this will give you energy and get rid of any feelings of drowsiness. Consider that if you find Green Malay too sedating, White Vein Borneo will be a better option.

Balanced Combination for Various Effects

1 part Red Vein Sumatra – this will provide euphoria and relaxation

1 part Green Malay – this will give a bit of energy, some euphoria, and mild pain relief.

Best Kratom Combinations of Leaf Powder and Stem and Vein

best kratom combinations: stem and vein

Although kratom stem and vein doesn’t have the high concentration of alkaloids that are usually present on the leaf, its unique properties make it a perfect choice to combine it with other types of kratom. Its properties differ from those of the kratom leaves due to the proportions of the alkaloids, also stem and vein is less potent than kratom leaves.

Kratom stem and vein properties include sedative effects which are also long-lasting. Most combine stem and vein with their preferred kratom type to increase the duration of its effects. Also, some mix stem and vein with white vein kratom to reduce its stimulant properties, whilst others prefer to blend it with the red or green vein varieties to increase its sedative effects.

Best Kratom Combinations: Conclusion

Remember that blending two types of kratom may work differently in each person. What works for some may not work for you. So, it’s always wise to start introducing small doses of the kratom type that you wish to blend with your usual variety and keep a journal of the dosages and the effects. This way you will be able to adjust the doses until you find the one that works for you. Also, keep in mind that lower doses are always more energizing, whilst higher doses are more sedative.


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