The Curveball Lemons

May 13, 2021

Dedicated to Kevin Ramos. May you find your smile while sipping lemonade in the middle of a lemon storm.

When you see smiles, epic locations, flawless posing and clips of recorded laughter, do you truly think that all of those people are genuinely THAT happy and overjoyed? It might surprise you, but most are probably not. If social media has taught us anything, it is mastering the art of faking shit REALLY well.

For many of us, our childhood upbringing was not an amazing one out of a story book. Many of us went through hell, being neglected, gaslighted, abused, belittled or cast aside. Some are able to find healing after all that when they are an adult, but often times others fall into addiction and lose themselves even deeper.

What’s worse are those finally trying to find healing and discover their purpose in life, all while “life” is throwing them never ending curveball lemons so fast and so frequent that they can’t even come up for breath long enough to MAKE lemonade. The lemons are hitting them fast, causing them to bruise, limp, hurt… Eventually the pain is so much that they just go numb. That’s when you find yourself in a pit that is harder to get out of verses being in the thick of the flying lemons.

So you know what you do? You turn your back against the lemons and begin to make lemonade right in front of yourself, with your back still faced towards life’s curveballs. THROUGH the pain, you seek and pursue healing. By the time you finish making the lemonade, your back will be pretty bruised up, but the lemons will stop flying while you begin to drink the “fruit of your labor”. You begin to feel refreshed and reenergized. Life still might throw an occasional curveball, but you have enough lemonade to last you a lifetime. You also have learned the best thing anyone could master while here on earth….how to smile through the hard times, how to refresh yourself in the middle of chaos.

We are not in a little boat by ourselves. We are in a cruise ship with countless others, all of us unknowingly craving the same thing in life….. contentment.


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