July 5, 2021

Have you ever had a routine you like, that you get excited to do; a mundane routine you oddly look forward to? I starting to think we all have; we have just never talked about it or admitted it because what a weird thing to acknowledge, right? 

“Im a mom.” Ooooo wow! I know.

“Im a wife.” Oh my, exciting!

“Im a business woman.” Oooo fancy.

Those above things really aren’t that impressive or thrilling. They are some of the typical “titles” a woman has these days. The above titles also have the typical, mundane routine schedule they keep on a day-to-day basis. Some utilize a notebook/calendar to record their schedule for each day to stay organized. Some have Alexa set up to remind them throughout the day because juggling all they have to juggle would be difficult otherwise.

So, let me be the odd one to admit that there are parts of my mundane daily routine that I actually get excited about doing–and they are so stupid and redundant, that I surprise myself by the feeling it produces. Want to know? Ok ok I’ll tell you. I get excited about my morning routine, specifically the action of opening my fridge, pulling out my Monster energy drink for the day, cracking it open, and tossing that chilled delicious goodness down my throat. 

Shush it. At least I’m admitting mine!

It doesn’t stop there though. My morning routine is short-lived before crap starts hitting the fan as it does every morning when my kids wake up. Therefore, I make sure to enjoy the entire process from start to finish.

After I have cracked open my Monster, I happily plop myself on the sofa in the sunroom and check my calendar. I work from home as well as run a business, so my calendar is always the first thing I check in the morning so I get an idea of how long I can prolong my morning routine and how busy my day will most likely be.

What also plays a huge part in my mood is my kratom tea. BUT I am NOT going to say that THAT is the reason I feel great satisfaction in my routine, though I’m sure that helps a tad. In fact, no — I think my tea comes into action when my kids wake up with an “outside voice”, giving me a headache, which then kratom comes in to save the day, prevent the headache and my verbal snap to them, and thus keeps me in a pain-free, good mood. Insert smiley face.

Like many other women, I have a lot to juggle. During this Covid-Era, everything is more difficult than it should be, but that’s just apart of life….until this era is done and gone. I have a 4500 square foot farmhouse that requires constant attention (daily chores), a husband who is so amazing that he too deserves constant attention and admiration, three kids (ages 6 months, 6 years & 13 years) who each require a different version of mom, which can be exhausting; and a career, which consists of my day job (state job) and my business. Where does “my time” come into play? ….. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Why do we get excited about simple things like these (give or take)? Well, I dug into the psyche to figure that one out. Aka, I sought out professionals and their answers to this curious thing.

The most successful people in history – the ones many refer to as ‘geniuses’ in their fields, masters of their crafts – had one thing in common, other than talent: most adhered to rigid (and specific) routines.THOUGHT CATALOG

Brianna Wiest writes, “Routine is important because habitualness creates mood and mood creates the “nurture” aspect of your personality, not to mention that letting yourself be jerked around by impulsiveness is a breeding ground for everything you essentially do not want.” She gives 8 reasons as to why a routine is very important when it comes to mood and happiness. She goes on to say, “Happiness is not how many things you do, but how well you do them.”


Therefore, it was NOT in my head! I found great joy in my routines because I ain’t a pushover and never let myself be jerked around by stress or my emotions! I am a master at my day-to-day tasks. I feel even better now. Nah, I wish all that was true. I still deal with stress and sadness every once in a while, but now that I have finally (in my thirties) established a routine that I consistently stick to, I am feeling a lot better. And now that I know why, it is no longer a mystery as to why that is.

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