July 5, 2021

A website is the hub of your company brand. It is the home where any visitor can find out all there is about your brand, all they need to know in order to “join the family” or leave and not look back. As a company owner to the website, you would want them to stick around and join the family. How do you ensure that?

What makes a person feel comfortable when entering someone’s home? What are the typical things a visitor notices and looks for when entering a foreign place? They want cleanliness, an open floor plan of easy maneuver, simple and easy to find locations such as the bathroom or kitchen. You can apply that same approach to your website, your “home” page. Many companies opt to choose the most affordable web design host out there or oftentimes might venture out and design it themselves—the cheap option. There are numerous web design sites that offer easy to customize website templates, click and drop features at affordable rates. They are affordable because you as the client do not have to design anything custom-made. They are affordable because they do not custom assign at agent just for you, as your account manager who would be looking out for you and your site, ensuring it is functioning the way it should in the most effective manner in order to drive track, boost clicks and get your presence known fast at the top pages of Google.

Why should you choose a premium web host? It’s quite simple! Because you want all of the things you would NOT be getting with the other guys. Yes, it might be easy and cheap, but it is NOT effective.

Having a premium site is, I would say, is more important for those working in the creative industries. Whether you are a photographer or an interior designer, your website reflects the talent and capabilities you have. You want your work to reflect on your site. Therefore, it is VITAL that your site has a flawless design, just as creative as you are.

Here are the top 5 things a creative focused website should have:

1.    Top speeds & performance. Premium website hosts make a point to ensure their hosting services are at top speeds and the best of the best. They want to KEEP you, so they ensure you are receiving the best system possible. They tend to be faster, which makes your site faster, which makes visitors happy (because our generation does not like to wait around for that long). Website load speeds are known to be critical factors in how Google ranks web pages! estimates that a one-second delay in a page load cuts conversions by 7 percent, page views by 11, and customer satisfaction by 11. At the estimates many of these research companies are measuring, premium hosting services easily pay for themselves within the first week of good speeds.

2.     The Latest features and adaptive interface. Premium website designs are always being updated and improved to go with the ever-changing trends when it comes to designs. An adaptive interface is vital to a website because of the various types of devices one might be using to view your website. You need a website that will adapt to the device the user is on all while showing the latest, top trending features on your site.

3.     An account manager available to you, who studies your competitors and ensures you have the most unique, eye-catching layout that competes with the best out there. Premium website hosts realize that you have a first-time impression to make and nail. They will go out of their way to see what others in your industry are doing and they will be determined to top it! 

4.     A custom look. When you choose a premade template, you are choosing what thousands of others have chosen as well. Having a custom website that reflects your brand is important. Having a premium website created ensures you add your special touch that truly represents your creative business in the way you want it shown to the world.

5.     Behind the scenes marketing tools. Any great website host will have all the necessary and vital marketing tools for a successful website. It should have promotional features that you can implement for your audience that you continue to engage them even after they have committed themselves to your beautiful, custom-made site.

Premium hosting services tend to place your needs very high; therefore, their worth is monumental for a brand that wants to succeed above the rest.

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