4 Things You Can Use Stem & Vein For

July 9, 2021

Kratom, as much to my dissatisfaction, is best known as a powder that a consumer would mix in a drink or as capsules. This tree, however, is also sold in other, less ubiquitous forms. One of those forms is what they call [the] stem and vein.

  1. Introducing Stem & Vein
  2. 4 Things You Can Use Stem & Vein For
  3. Conclusion

Introducing Stem & Vein

Stem and vein is not very popular, and I attribute that to the lack of proper knowledge being disclosed. People seek out the likes of kratom because of it’s benefits. They would usually not ask for something that is any bit “less” than what kratom delivers. However, just because stem and vein isn’t as “strong” as kratom, doesn’t mean that it does not hold it’s own set of beneficial functions. Again, I attribute that to lack of educated people and sharing information for the wrong reasons….

Farmers collect the leaves of the kratom tree, clean them and then let them dry in the sun. They de-stem and de-vein them before grinding them into a fine powder. The raw, unprocessed stems and veins are then often times sold as stem and vein kratom, or discarded.

Many obviously do not know that the stems and veins are packed full of naturally occurring alkaloids. Alkaloids are nitrogenous organic compounds that imbue kratom and other plants with prominent psychoactive properties. Unfortunately, there has not been enough studies done (yet) on what additional benefits stems and veins might hold, along with kratom. The knowledge that is out there is based on translated research and word of mouth.

Some consumers believe that stem and vein kratom contains a weaker alkaloid concentration in comparison to ground leaf kratom, while others have suggested that stem and vein kratom contains higher levels of specific alkaloids.

Why you should also take stem and vein if you are an avid kratom consumer

  1. Stem & Vein is often times used as a potentiator, which is an additional ingredient used to increase the benefits of kratom. Doing this too often, however, can increase your tolerance levels, getting your system used to it that it-as a whole- stops working as well as it once did as a new consumer. Instead, do this combo on days where you are especially needing that extra boost: bad pain days, when you are having a panic attack, or evenings where you just can’t shut down your mind and sleep.
  2. It can be used to reset your tolerance levels. If you have been a consumer for many years, odds are there has been or will be a point where kratom will not work as well as it once did. That is because your tolerance levels have increased, your body has become dependent on it, and in a sense you are now numb to the benefits. Just like avid coffee drinkers: eventually the caffeine doesn’t give them energy. Or painkillers: eventually you need to take more and more because the little that used to work isn’t anymore. Fortunately, stem and vein can be substituted with kratom. No, it won’t work quite as well, but if you rely on kratom to help with chronic issues, quitting kratom might not be an option. Learn more about how to use stem and vein to reset your tolerance levels HERE.
  3. Stem and vein is cheaper than kratom. Instead of buying extract, buy your regular kratom product and stem and vein as a potentiator to save money!
  4. If you are going to be traveling, giving birth, having surgery, or simply going without kratom for a couple days for whatever reason, stem and vein can be used with your last dose to help keep the benefits in your system for a longer period of time. That is because the effects last longer than the effects you receive with kratom leaves. The duration of the effects can last up to 50% longer than your regular kratom dose. I’m


Stem and vein, though considered the “droppings” of the main product, should also be further studied along with kratom so that we can understand what all it can do for a consumer. It needs to be an option equally pushed right along kratom for those who might need as intense benefits that kratom is known to deliver.

If anything, stem and vein is like beer to liquor. If you are more of a beer person, you should stick to stem and vein.

Watch the video on YouTube HERE.

About the author

What began as a new journey for a young girl has become an established lifestyle for the business woman/owner, mother and wife that she is today. Shaunna became a “holistic influencer” in 2014. She created a persona called Kratom Girl to help support alternative medicine by creating #normalizekratom & #normalizealternativemedicine. Today she donates her time, money and resources to continue to help spread truth and knowledge about kratom, to further normalize it, especially amongst her fellow executives at her day job.

“Someday, we will be sipping kratom tea around the waterhole at work.” – Shaunna Kaufmann.

Shaunna has written for numerous magazines and websites. She was also featured in High Times Magazine, Evie Magazine, CIRCA, and Medium. She owns a design business called Shaunna K, and works for the state of Oregon as a top executive. Her husband and her own a farmhouse in the Pacific Northwest, where they enjoy being as hermits with their three kids, a dog and asshole of a cat.


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