Sprinkling In Personal Life

July 18, 2021

I often times mingle both my real life and kratom life together, sharing with you little pieces here and there. I rarely throw in my spiritual practices in the mix, but as society continues to go down a path that seems to greatly lack this once popular mindset, I am beginning to feel the need to talk about it at least every once in a while.

We live in several different “mindsets”, but spirituality is not a common one these days. It’s rarely publicly talked about now in fear of easily offending someone with your unique way of thinking about faith and religion. Who knew that personal things that we think and do for ourselves would be something invaded, where people would be offended by how you are treating yourself and the mindsets you choose to entertain yourself with…. Where you will be asked nearly daily to change your thoughts in order to make others feel good about themselves.

No longer is “not caring what people think” a thing taught. You must care what people think, and if it offends you, you then must change what they are thinking.

Shaunna K

I was raised as a Christian, but it wasn’t a thing I was “commanded” to believe. Instead it was a thing taught and practiced in my home where we learned about faith and formed a genuine opinion around it and spirituality. If we chose not to believe it, we would be listened to and asked to explain why we didn’t. Debates were a common thing in my childhood. In fact, my spiritual upbringing is the reason I never hide from confrontation. I welcome them. They are the quickest way to finding peace and settling scores.

Spirituality is a personal thing, a personal mindset that the majority are not going to fully understand or agree with. They aren’t supposed to. Your personal faith is unique to you because it is a formation of your life and journeys that only you have taken and gone through. Another is incapable of seeing everything 100% your way. This is why agreeing to disagree is still a vitally important concept to accept and practice. We must accept our different viewpoints and find common ground. Growth and advancement of any great society or generation is because of the combined knowledge and differences.

Let’s return to accepting each other and our differences, or society will fall apart. Society will dissolve into nothing because it refuses to strengthen each other, just like iron sharpens iron. Let’s be strong in different ways but together.

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