Top 4 Kratom Facts To Know

September 14, 2021

With anything in life, kratom is not for everyone. Ibuprofen gives me an upset stomach. The majority of people don’t get one. Does that mean Ibuprofen is bad? For me, yes, but not for everyone.

The same applies to kratom. In fact, there are a lot of good things about kratom as well as a few concerns that should be noted and understood.

Article from Hopkins Medicine.

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The Science behind kratom should be understood. When it is not, fear can be spread to support any agenda. It is no secret that the FDA, pharmaceuticals and most powerful entities allow some forms of corruption at one point or another. Many hide it better than others.

Let’s take pharmaceuticals for example. They created a synthetic version of marijuana. Why? What is wrong with the original? They created the chemical version to bring in profit….for themselves. To not miss an opportunity to make money on a natural source that is proven to heal, help, cure, and positivity affect people.

Kratom is pretty much new to the scene regardless of being around for over a decade here in the states and centuries in many Asian countries. It’s increased in popularity once the FDA got wind of a leaf that has been benefiting thousands in the United States. No, they did not hear of it because of numerous deaths…. If that was the case, 20,000 deaths from Tylenol would have been at the top of their list of concerned substances to track. Kratom only has killed under ten people that had underlining issues already (some people are sensitive to caffeine and therefore could get a heart attack).

Kratom is being watched by powerful entities because they are seeing another opportunity to make a synthetic version- AKA, make some money, try to ban the real thing and then bank big time.

I do educational videos to help combat the fear spreading that many do regarding kratom. You can follow my YouTube and search the videos to find hot topics of “concern” about kratom. I list the rumor, the facts, the research, the data along with sprinkling in my opinion throughout – cause that’s what I do best on my own channel (links at the bottom of this channel).

2 thoughts on “Top 4 Kratom Facts To Know”


    Good morning, Shauna. You have presented that your page, “The Real Truth About Kratom” preceded the page “The truth about kratom”, in the “about” section of your very prejudice Facebook page. Let the truth be known, your page was created as a form of rebuttal to The Truth About Kratom, and this is very clearly seen in the “page transparency” sections of each page.
    You have posted a link, as a way to try to discredit the page, The Truth About Kratom, but you were not able to keep your web page operational, which is not surprising. Not that we at The Truth About Kratom have any worry about what you may have said, just looking at the two pages will make the curious well aware that one page was built on solid science and honest reporting, while the other is biased to a small group of people who have developed addictions to the very harmful substance you are promoting.
    Also, your page is merely a means of self-promotion. It’s very sad to see a woman who has very obviously fallen deep into the clutch of this literal poison, trying to become internet famous.
    We, the team at The Truth, know that this comment will never see it’s way to being published. Please consider this out way of letting you know that you have failed miserably and that we are now returning from the break we took and will fight hard for the truth to be known, and for this harmful drug that is killing to be banned, putting an end to the legal ruining of lives.

    1. Well… looks like it’s open season than with your personal attack. It’s my turn 🙂

      I highly suggest you get a life. Your ignorance is disgusting and embarrassing to witness. There are senators, scientists and doctors on my side… So who’s following the science? Ill PROUDLY display your comment! And internet famous? LMFAO, how old are you? LOL! And IM being prejudice? Man, you are a legit narcissist LOL! Look in the mirror. I suggest you keep ME out of YOUR comments because you dont know me, nor what I do. If you give me your real name and contact info (like I give mine), then Ill take you seriously, otherwise youre just a bored pussy hiding behind your device. Im not the one hiding behind a group persona…. I talk about both the risks and the pros to kratom AND OTHER natural alternatives. ANYTHING can become an addiction, whether that be your morning cup of coffee (caffeine addiction), alcohol (obviously, millions die a year from that addiction), sugar, etc. More people have died from Tylenol per year than kratom. Your mindset is laughable and biased. And as for the Facebook page, I honestly dont care, I shut down a few things in the past years, so where the fuck have you been? LOL Clearly not educating yourself. You presuming things, acting like you THINK you know me or ANYTHING about me exposes who YOU are. Your mental need to get this much involved is pathetic and just SAD. Someone die from kratom that you loved? People die all the time from ALL kinds of FULLY LEGAL and BELOVED things. It’s called LIFE, genius. People die from alcohol EVERY SINGLE DAY. You fighting for THAT to become illegal? Didnt think so, hypocrite. Youre not worth any more of my valuable time. Bye Karen.

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