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They are here, my friends. A year in the making, a year perfecting my elixirs for myself, not knowing that I would be here, offering them to you. I find myself opening up more and more, sharing more and more. When something I have is a physical thing, I find a way to share it even then. Thus, my apothecary (store) was born. After being in business since 2007, doing nothing but digital work, I find it magical.


The Beauty & Intention oil

Infused with a variety of charged crystals, botanicals, and essential oils, set under a new moon for renewed intentions or beauty uses, my Beauty & Intention oil is meant for YOU, your body, your care, and your focus. Though it was inspired by my New Moon evenings throughout these past couple of years, it can be used at any time.


  • 100% pure Coconut oil
  • Eucalyptus Lemon leaf
  • A collection of herbs that are meant for the New Moon.
  • Holy Anointed Oil (Exodus 30:29). Learn more about this oil, its history, and how I use it HERE.
  • Amethyst
  • Tiger Eye

Each ingredient has special properties that are meant for personal self-care. The combination of this oil beautifully equals a dewy glow and new intentions set.

How I use Beauty & Intention Oil

  • Personal massages (hand, arm, neck, head)
  • Massaging another
  • My New Moon rituals (I share that HERE in detail)
  • For a pick me up (I rub a little between my fingers and tap my temple, the tip of my nose, and all over my neck when I am feeling sad or unmotivated. The smell and personal care for body and mind helps bring me out of my slump)


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