All Roads Lead to the Truth of Life

March 30, 2022

I have personal beliefs. As we all do.
Do what the Romans do to earn their attention. Then show what God has done to earn their respect. – Shaunna
I think the approach “Christians” make these days lack care behind it. They are asked to love their neighbors, show “Jesus’ love to others” – “for that is how they will know we are Christians” – paraphrasing. But too often [we] approach the “unbelieving” with a cold, philosophical presentation (to people who are not personally on that level [yet]). You can see that as a Matthew 7:6 approach, or a Proverbs 28:9 approach. Either way you look at that, it is not effective most of the time. Do you know what is? Humbling yourself down to their level, where we belong (Romans 3:23), and meeting them halfway with understanding and love.
I don’t think I have it all figured out, but what I do know is myself, my flawed, weak yet strong believing self…and what drove me to commitment and understanding. It wasn’t the Bible-thumping, hard preaching, the “unintentionally philosophically talking down to me” people. It was my psychotic ex-husband…. It was my faults. It was my wrong turns and dumb choices that made me wise, open-minded, and ready for a Savior. It was the humble moments that met me at my level of imperfectness. It was looking deeper into the origins of things that have been twisted throughout the centuries by people with good intentions (yet missing the mark as we all do).
It wasn’t the Bible-thumping, hard preaching, the “unintentionally philosophically talking down to me” people that drove me to commitment and understanding of God and His calling.
Not all will understand this post I am writing today. I just have to say it. If you truly want to understand someone, you come to them humbly and ASK. People no longer sincerely ASK how another is doing, why another might think a certain way or live a certain way. The desire to care, humbly care for another is lacking, mostly lacking from the Christians…. They approach people as if they hold the answers, they don’t care what you think. What you think is wrong and what they have to teach you is right.
I will not meet anyone from the standpoint of what is identified as a Christian in today’s society. I will meet them as one who is spiritual, believing in something greater than myself, Something as powerful as the cosmos, who has yet to tell us of all the mysteries that the Bible omits (Job 11:7, Daniel 2:28, Colossians 2:2, John 21:25). I will meet them with just as much curiosity about the mysteries of life and its meaning. I will meet them with the knowledge I do have and be ready to learn more together.
All roads lead to the Truth (Luke 24:13-35). Don’t judge a person’s road. Walk it with them.
* I helped link the verses I referenced in my post for those not familiar with the text. 

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