The Mist of Spring

May 3, 2022

During my morning check-in with some colleagues, our warm welcome was asking us what our favorite season is and why. By the time it was my turn to share, I had finally narrowed it down to Fall and Spring, but because practically everyone had already said Fall with similar reasons as to why, I decided to choose Spring.

As I began to explain why, I learned something about myself. I used to love Fall more. Being a Californian, I’m amongst the 90% of girls who love Fall most because of the lack of the two cold seasons in my home state. However, as I have aged and lived, I’ve come to realize that I have kinda “outgrown” those reasons (not the feelings).

With Spring, I imagine the dimly light mornings as I watched a blanket of mist fall upon the cascades as the light began to peek through. I see myself sitting on my porch swing, wrapped up in my sherpa throw, noticing the dew on the grass and the moisture resting on top of my budding peonies.

I remember my crisp spring evenings, the freshly picked flowers resting in my wicker basket while a chilled breeze grazes my cheek through the last open window in my farmhouse. I gaze up through my sunroom at the full moon dominating the night’s sky as the smell of the cool breeze fills the room before I sit down for my evening prayers.



No. I did not share all that with my coworkers.

I shortened it to: “I love spring because of the blooming of my peonies and garden.”

I don’t want them to know I’m weird.

But that got me thinking. Sometimes we do outgrow our infatuation with a season. We never stop enjoying it and getting that warm happy feeling when the season begins. We just stop narrowing your love of the weather to just that single season. You begin to appreciate all seasons…… because you begin to realize that

all seasons have a purpose and need to occur for that greater purpose.

This applies to the seasons of our lives. Life has plenty of ups and downs. You cannot have good without bad or good would not be good for there would be no purpose or point and no value to it. It is because we are alive that we must walk through some tough storms full of tests and trials so that we will be able to soak in and feel the amazing feeling of goodness, of a blessing, of a job well done. You cannot feel or experience a climax of life without having felt the sting of pain. There would be no purpose of living….

I’ve entered the season of healing in my life. As the dead are reborn and begin life, so does my soul begin to grow anew.

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