7 Ways to Honor the Autumn Equinox

September 20, 2022

No matter where you are in the world, the Equinox on September 22nd is one of two days per year when the hours of night equal the hours of day (hence the term “equi-nox,” or equal night). 

Much of the history of astrology is rooted in the knowledge traditions of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Greece. Because these regions are located in the Northern Hemisphere, the ancients associated the September Equinox with the beginning of fall — a time of harvest and transition. From now until next March, the days will grow darker. The leaves will turn crimson and molt. The air will feel crisper on our skin, and whatever crops we have gathered will have to tide us over until the next growing season.

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, the opposite is true. At this point in the year, life has returned to the earth, marking the beginning of spring. During this symbolic rebirth, the soil thaws, seedlings surge forth, and the blossoms release their fragrance.

The point is: Wherever you are in the world, the Equinox turns the wheel of the year and ushers in a new season.

7 Rituals I do to honor the Autumn Equinox

Since ancient times, many civilizations marked both the March and September Equinoxes as special, potent and even holy. Some cultures erected monuments, some people made pilgrimages, and others gathered to feast, celebrate, and perform rituals that helped them align with the energies of the new season.

Since I began my spiritual journey as a Christian Alchemist, I have been honoring this day with God, creating and adopting rituals that I do with my family.

  1. Be in nature. Visit your favorite body of water, park, farm, or hiking trail. If you have a garden, dedicate time to gathering the fruit or vegetables that are ready to be picked.
  2. Take a moment to enjoy your personal harvest. Relish whatever you’ve been toiling over, gathering, or bringing to fruition this year. Thank it. Share it with friends. Celebrate your works-in-progress and how far you’ve come. 
  3. Restore balance to your home. Clear your closets and junk drawers. Give away or sell anything that feels like extra weight. With equal hours of light and dark, this Equinox brings an opportunity to recalibrate inside and out.
  4. Conduct an energy clearing in your house. Do a ritual sweeping of every room, brushing away all the staleness. Sweep in the direction of your door — then out the door. Sending away the stagnant energy will help you enter the new season fresh. I recommend investing in a traditional straw broom like this one that I bought a while back. You’ll feel the difference!
  5. Adorn your home and/or altar with seasonal foliage, such as roses, apples, pinecones, gourds, leaves, or anything seasonal to the region you live in. Make your space into a sanctuary that sensually celebrates the season.
  6. Meditate, or do a practice that helps restore mental equilibrium.
  7. Write three lists:

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