Why You Need a Freelance Influencer or Video Creator

February 2, 2023

The Research

Research by Cisco found that video accounts for 82% of all online traffic. Videos are 53x more likely to generate first-page SERP rankings than other SEO tactics. Today, 84% of consumers have been convinced to purchase a product after watching a video.

Not to mention that nearly all digital marketers — 93% — say that video is currently a core part of their content strategy.

The future of content marketing trends lies in video. Brands must integrate video content like product demos, webinars, and live video events (more on those shortly) to keep their content fresh and aligned with what consumers are looking for.

The Influencer Strategy

Influencer marketing is a strategy where businesses rely on an influential leader to recommend their product to their target audience. These leaders usually have a large social following (or the potential to) or captivate a market segment.

Influencer marketing is an incredibly effective strategy. Nearly 3.96 million of the world’s population is using social media, and researchers say that number might reach 4.41 million by 2025.

Graphics and imagery can only do so much. The data is out there. Find a videographer who has the potential to create video marketing content that beautifully represents your brand, is a likable person, and can adapt to your company’s needs and goals.

As a result, influencer marketing has naturally become one of the most popular marketing methods. As target markets become younger and more digitally connected, influencers can help organizations connect with consumers where they are – online.

Are you ready to create an Influencer Marketing Strategy? Click here to learn of the 9 Things to keep in mind to make this happen for your brand.

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