Astrology for Christians: My Opinion

April 1, 2023

“Astrology for Christians” by Mark Hunziker is a thought-provoking book that challenges the notion that astrology is incompatible with Christianity. The book presents evidence from both history and the Bible to support the idea that astrology has a legitimate place within the Christian tradition.

The book begins by exploring the early history of Christianity and its relationship to astrology. Hunziker argues that astrology was an important part of early Christian thought and practice, and that many Christian figures, including the Three Wise Men, were astrologers. He points to the use of astrology in the early church, such as in the writings of Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Hunziker also explores the role of astrology in the Bible itself. He argues that astrology was not condemned in the Bible, but rather, was used as a tool for understanding God’s plan. For example, he points to the story of the Magi in the Gospel of Matthew, who used astrology to find the newborn Jesus. He also discusses the role of astrology in the Book of Revelation, which he argues is full of astrological symbolism.

The book goes on to discuss the similarities between astrology and Christianity. Hunziker argues that both seek to understand the mysteries of the universe and the role of humans within it. He also points to the similarities between the Zodiac and the 12 apostles, and the idea that both astrology and Christianity offer guidance and insight into human nature.

Overall, “Astrology for Christians” presents a compelling case for the integration of astrology into Christian belief and practice. Hunziker challenges the idea that astrology is incompatible with Christianity and shows that there is a rich history of astrological thought within the Christian tradition. The book is well-researched and thoughtfully argued, and is a must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of astrology and Christianity.

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