Why Christians Should Believe in “Spirit Guides”

September 22, 2023

If you are a long-time Christian or grew up in the church, you have undoubtedly been told that “Spirit Guides” are simply demons messing with people. That it’s all “New Age” and NOT of God. Most of the time you bring it up, they immediately shoot it down and forever look at you like you’re a baby Christian, naive with so much to learn.

Jesus Had Spirit Guides

The Transfiguration account, featured in the center of the first three Gospels, is a vivid and practical model for connecting with our spirit guides (Matt. 17:1–8, Mark 9:2–8, Luke 9:28–36). Jesus modeled this well for us. At the Transfiguration, the most intense part of the mountain top meeting began as two of the centuries-dead heroes of the Jewish tradition, Moses and Elijah, appeared in living, visionary color and sound. In their non-physical but recognizable energy field forms, they were encouraging Jesus. “They spoke about his departure, which he was about to bring to fulfillment at Jerusalem” (Luke 9:31).

Why in the world would Jesus speak to them when he could talk to the God of the universe so close to him? I’m about to tell you why…..

Jesus needed some help with his upcoming death, which was weighing heavily on him. Who better to encourage him than two dead guys? Interestingly, Peter, James, and John, having been shocked into the subtle visionary realm of awakened consciousness by the powerful spiritual energy floating around them, were seeing Moses and Elijah, too! All the energetic fields were alive with dramatic, life-changing awakenings. Then God got personally involved, and there was more conversation going on from God to all four of the remaining spiritual beings who were still in their physical bodies.


  1. Jesus had a conversation here with two identifiable, named, non-physical beings. He did not seem to consider this unusual. We know that previously in his temptation, his guides were present (Matt 4:11; Mark 1:13), and later in Gethsemane (Luke 22:43), they were present again. Serious followers of Jesus should not need much more to recommend this as a legitimate activity for themselves. Jesus, whom many people, if not most, consider an extraordinary human being, regardless of what one thinks about him metaphysically, talked to dead people. This series is about why we can, too.
  2. So why didn’t he talk with his Father (God) about his “departure?” We know from other accounts that Jesus had extensive times of prayer with the personal presence of the God that he called Abba. Jesus needed something more — something that only formerly flesh and blood beings could give him…. He needed something from those who had personally experienced life and death. The Apostle Paul beautifully summed up the purpose of hearing from the other side — comfort, strength, and encouragement (1 Cor. 14:3). I have always assumed that if Jesus needed this kind of help, I need it even more.
  3. This contact with Jesus’ spiritual guides occurred in a non-ordinary state of consciousness. It doesn’t happen while working at your computer, taking care of the kids, or watching TV. It occurs after a walk up the mountain, alone or preferably with a small group of friends, where you intend to connect with someone from the mystical realm.
  4. This was a back-and-forth between Jesus and his two friends from the other side about what was going on in his life. This mystical dialogue was an honest conversation about his struggles. He needed help. And he got it from two dead guys.
  5. There was, in this case, visionary phenomena — his guides were visible in the non-ordinary realm of deepened consciousness. It involved the energy fields of the subtle body presences of non-physical beings. It also involved mystical light, pulling back the veil to reveal Jesus as a being of great dazzling light. He was undoubtedly aware of this experience when he said that both he, along with us, were “the light of the world” (John 8:12, Matt 5:14).
  6. Jesus had other, less dramatic encounters with his friends from the other side. The stories of Jesus’ birth are filled with spirit guides appearing to his pregnant mom and dad. They announced to Bethlehem’s shepherds that Jesus had been born. This was followed by another spirit guide telling the new parents to take their child and flee to Egypt. Spirit guides helped the grown-up Jesus in two crucial times — in the wilderness temptations (Matt 4:11) and praying in Gethsemane nearing his death, “A spirit guide appeared to him from heaven, strengthening him” (Luke 22:43). From these multiple, mystical phenomena, we can learn the extent to which spirit guides are available to help us on our journey is much more significant than we sophisticated, modern folks have thought. And that “angels” are not the only spirit guides mentioned in the Bible or available to us.

Most often, our connecting with our spiritual guides is much less dramatic but no less transforming. I have never visually “seen” Jesus or my other guides. My conversations emerge as words inside my mind, although occasionally, they seem almost audible. I eventually began to have regular experiences of being touched and beautiful light in my visual field. We are all different, and don’t let the seemingly more dramatic experiences of others keep you from your own.

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