Finding Value in Life: Letting Go and Embracing the Present

June 26, 2024

In our quest for meaning, we often fall into the trap of comparing our lives with idealized versions we’ve constructed in our minds. These comparisons, influenced by media, culture, or personal fantasies, can lead to feelings of boredom and dissatisfaction. The truth is, value in life doesn’t come from these fixed ideas but from letting go of them and truly experiencing your place in the world.

The Trap of Comparison

Boredom often stems from comparing our real lives with fantastical scenarios. These comparisons create unnecessary dissatisfaction. When you cling to these mental constructs, you detach from the present moment and the inherent value it holds. The solution lies in letting go of these comparisons and immersing yourself in the present.

Reconnecting with Your Body

Engaging with your body through physical activities helps ground you in the present. Whether it’s skateboarding, drumming, playing tennis, or practicing jiu-jitsu, these activities draw your focus away from cerebral fantasies and towards tangible experiences. Being mindful of your body, either through active engagement or practices like meditation, helps you reconnect with the world around you.

The Power of Social Connections

Human relationships are a profound source of emotional satisfaction. Even seemingly mundane social interactions can enrich our lives and bring joy. Engaging with others helps break the cycle of cerebral comparison and grounds us in real, emotionally fulfilling experiences.

The Role of Arts

Art challenges our rigid perceptions and invites us to engage with the world creatively. Whether through creating or appreciating art, we tap into a more fluid and responsive way of experiencing life. This artistic engagement fosters a deeper connection with the present, beyond the confines of cerebral expectations.

Embracing the Present

Life’s meaning isn’t found outside or purely within us but in our response to the world around us. Expecting the world to entertain or conform to our mental constructs removes our subjective experience from the equation. By focusing on pure perception, we can reconnect with the intrinsic value of the present moment.

Breaking Free from Disconnection

Good Eastern art, including quality animé, often emphasizes this connection with the present. Watching such art with an open, engaged mind can help shift your perspective. Consider taking a vacation to a place of natural beauty, away from urban distractions, and immerse yourself in simple, grounding activities. Reading philosophical texts like the “Tao Te Ching” can also provide valuable insights.

Learning from the Wisdom of Age

Younger people often see older generations as ‘boring’ because they’ve learned to disengage from societal pressures and focus on direct perception. This wisdom, akin to the punk attitude’s rebellion against mainstream norms, highlights the value of living authentically and present.

Practical Suggestions

To reconnect with life’s intrinsic value, try various activities that break you out of cerebral confinement:

  • Shave your head and drum for hours.
  • Run until you’re exhausted.
  • Cycle across the country.
  • Simplify your life by discarding possessions.
  • Engage in silent, meaningful interactions.
  • Experiment with intense emotional experiences through films and documentaries.
  • Immerse yourself in nature and read contemplative literature.

Signs of Reconnection

When you can appreciate the beauty in simple, profound films like Kaneto Shindo’s “Naked Island” or find joy in good poetry, you’re on the path to reconnection. Regularly engaging with art that evokes this sense of beauty helps maintain your mental and emotional well-being.


Living in a cerebral projection of an idealized world, such as one inspired by animé, can lead to disconnection and potential emotional breakdowns. However, this isn’t a cause for alarm but an invitation to reconnect with the present. By exploring your responses to life and immersing yourself in genuine experiences, you can find true value and meaning. Life isn’t boring; we’ve just tricked ourselves into seeing it that way. Embrace the present, let go of comparisons, and rediscover the richness of life.

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