Meet Shaunna K

Professional Designer & Life/Business Coach

Founder & Owner of The Shaunna K Co. LLC

Shaunna K lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three kids, a german shepherd, and a clouded tabby. She lives in her dream farmhouse and loves sitting on her porch, watching the shadows fall beneath the cascades as the sun sets against the range. Her favorite sight to see. She creates potions with oils and botanicals that deliver beautiful changes upon the body. She pursues the Spirit and takes you along her journey of self healing and discovery while sipping on alternative teas that enhances mood and helps soothe the disease she lives with.


15 years Graphic Design & Photography
14 years business, marketing, content creation
5 years Business coaching
20 years religious studies
3 years Astrology & Alchemy
15 years of motherhood
1 failed marriage experience
1 thriving marriage experience

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