About Shaunna


I’m  Shaunna K




An Oregonian Digital Storyteller

I am just a girl who loves being kind. I love to listen to everything around me. I would much rather be on my porch, wrapped up in a plaid blanket that reminds me of Christmas, with a warm cup of Hot Toddy, looking out amongst the Cascades, a view I cherish. I live in a farmhouse with my husband and three children here in Oregon. It is true; everything about the Pacific Northwest is magical. The smell, the wind, the scenery, and the feeling of that magic will engulf your every moment here. It is here where I am inspired every day and able to see a story behind every scene.

Born and raised in Cupertino, (Silicon Valley) California, I married into the military and traveled and lived all over the world. I started Shaunna K in 2007 while living abroad in Germany for a couple of years. Photography and graphic design were what I loved doing for clients that were from all corners of the globe. I ended up referring to both those things as design and therefore continued to expand my business around that label… I created the term “Digital Storyteller” and regret not trademarking it to this day.