The Diary of a Christian Mystic

Bridging the Balance

I built and created the balance between design & beauty with empathy & alchemy- Normalizing spirituality as I go. 

Every part of life has those two main ingredients, with others sprinkled in. 

Mysticism Alchemy Real Life Concept Creation Business Graphic Design
Mysticism Alchemy Real Life Concept Creation Business Graphic Design
My Life

Personal Journey

Alternative Medicine


Concept Creation




Hello, I am Shaunna K a Mystic an Alchemist a mother a wife to a veteran a chief of staff by trade a spiritualist a dreamer a reader a pianist an herbalist

Welcome to my world at Shaunna K Co LLC, where spiritual coaching, self-discovery, and artistic beauty converge to illuminate your life’s path and endeavors. As a dedicated advocate for empowering individuals to SPIRITUALIZE LIFE, I aim to shift our focus from merely romanticizing existence to infusing it with profound spiritual essence. In recognizing the intricate interplay between mind, body, and spirit, I merge empathy and design to catalyze personal growth and inner transformation. By harmonizing the spiritual and physical realms, I believe we can craft a more harmonious and enriching existence that extends seamlessly into our professional pursuits, be it entrepreneurship or corporate advancement. Let’s co-create a life, a business, and a world that resonates in exquisite harmony with the manifestations I’m here to help you cultivate and embody!

In addition to my spiritual coaching and empowerment endeavors, my blog serves as a rich tapestry where I delve into diverse topics that reflect the multifaceted nature of my life and interests. From explorations of alternative medicine such as kratom, cannabis, and kava, to deep dives into spirituality encompassing mysticism and faith, my aim is to offer insightful perspectives and facilitate meaningful discussions. Moreover, as a seasoned professional with a background in concept creation and branding design, I share my expertise to inspire and guide aspiring entrepreneurs and creative minds alike. Beyond the realms of career and spirituality, I also share glimpses into my personal life as a devoted mom, supportive wife to a veteran, and Chief of Staff by day. Through my blog, I strive to foster connection, inspiration, and growth, inviting readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation alongside me.