Private Custom Photography

Capturing the Memory

what's it about

We don’t realize that those mundane routines of a family are some of the most beautiful moments we are living. See them from a new lens with our at-home private family sessions with Shaunna K .

What to expect in a session

how we work

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Let's Chat in a video call!

We will sit down on a video call and get to know each other! I want to meet the family! I’ll send over tons of materials to ready/watch to prepare your family for the day.

Lock in a plan

Though you will officially be in a “photoshoot”, it won’t feel like that. You will be going about your day (if you need ideas, let me know!) and I will be following along in the background with my big camera.

Make something wonderful

I will come to you! No need to pack up the family and show up in a studio. I will come to your home and blend right in, capturing beautiful moments you didn’t know you were living every day with your family!

Our Process

how we work

This is why you have found the best photographer for YOU:


I'm in YOUR environment

No more feeling pressured to get to the studio or location. Shaunna will come to your environment, where you are 100% comfortable.


Your personal, private photographer

No more feeling pressured to get to the studio or location. Shaunna will come to your environment, where you are 100% comfortable.


Laid back & stress free

Let me come to you and your environment to capture those tender moments. I just tag along for a couple of hours and watch you live your life, capturing those moments that you will never want to forget.


How YOU want it

If you love swimming, let’s jump in a pool so I can capture you in your natural state. Want to visit the ocean with your family and capture moments on the beach together? Let’s go!


What they have to say

From Sarah B

“Shaunna had come for a visit prior to the day of the session, so the kids were relaxed and not really noticing her. I don’t know how she did it but she literally blended into the background of our family. We wanted her to come for the kids’ bedtime routine. When I looked over the pictures, I teared up. She captured moments that I have lived hundreds of times, but never picturing it to be as beautiful and precious as what I saw: reading books cuddled on the couch never looked so breathtaking! I will cherish these images forever. ”


“Working with Shaunna has been the best marketing decision I have made thus far since starting my holistic botanical brand. She only takes on small and medium companies because she wants to personally work with us vendors selling high risk products because she wants to truly help the industry. She’s original! She knows the ins and outs of this community and gives me so much bang for my buck. What she offers is hugely discounted and that’s only because of her dedication and advocacy to alternative medicine. The other part of her company works with other fields of businesses, but you feel kinda in a special group, getting discounts none of her regular tech or e-commerce clients get to see, only because of her love of natural medicine. You definitely want to be apart of what “kratom girl” does if you’re in this industry. I HIGHLY recommend Shaunna for any marketing or branding projects you might have.“



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