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Every photographer has a style that drives them when they take out their camera. I have a natural desire to seek out raw, candid scenes that capture truth and emotion. I love to capture lifestyle shots that tell a story. Storytelling is the mission of all the work I do, so it makes sense that it is at the head of my photography work.

Let’s tell your story! Let’s sit down and talk about who you are, things you love, where you see yourself in 5 years and so much more!

Let’s go on an adventure into a place where you feel connected and let’s begin to capture what comes, as it comes. Let us begin your candid story.

The stories are endless.

Imagine the climax

Shaunna K’s unique custom photo sessions:

Digital Imagery Photography

Let us add a magical twist to your story while we capture stills that go deeper than the surface.

At-Home Photoshoots

My in-home sessions are some of my favorite. I just tag along for a couple of hours and watch you live your life, capturing those moments that you will never want to forget.

Beauty of Woman

My very private boudoir photo sessions are full of sultry fun! Whether it’s at a gorgeous hotel room that we rent for a few hours or your most comfortable location, these sessions are custom made for your comfort so we capture the beauty and rawness of YOU.

Headshots & Model Profile Photography

First impressions are everything. Whether you need to spiff up your resume with your likeness in order to capture their attention or you want to nail that model runway, custom headshots are unique to who you are, so we are sure to capture you from every angle.

Lifestyle Product Photography

You must first sell your product or services visually. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much more it’s worth when converted to dollars. SELL your product by bringing it to life and showing them what it would be like if they had your product.

Elopements & Unions

Let’s stand amongst an ancient rainforest. Let’s laugh while we run down La Push, WA, like we were vampires. Let’s dance across the Cascades while the stars encompass us. Let’s run away together to the Pacific Northwest.

Prices start as low as $125. All sessions come with digital copies, copyright free.

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