Popular Packages & Items

Your Custom Logo

$ 250

I will build you a custom logo that will visually communicate your brand and mission statement. No generic logo generator will be able to customly build your logo. I will sit down and ask you all kinds of questions so I can visually get an idea on your business. It's all in the visuals!

Your Brand's Story Portfolio

$ 598

I'll provide you with the roadmap: Your Brand's Story Portfolio. It is a pdf high resolution with your custom logo, color codes, fonts, theme, marketing samples, and business content. This will serve as your brand's identity. When you are ready to build your website, all you have to do is use this to guide the way!

Your Brand's Story

The full package

$ 1,800

Let’s narrow down your vision. How do you see your brand? Let’s expand that and make a plan. I’ll develop the digital blueprint, you help fine-tune it, and then we make a plan. We will then take that plan and create your website.