Blue Tansy & Seaweed Infused Beauty Cream (30 ml / 1 oz)



Finally, the long-awaited (asked by so many of you) Blue Tansy cream. Guys, this one is my pride and joy…. ? Infused by Seaweed extract, Moringa oil, jojoba oil, AND Kaolin Clay ? scented with Cedar moss earth natural fragrance oil to help ease the strong Blue Tansy and seaweed natural smells = Shaunna K’s Blue Tansy Beauty Cream.

Glides onto your skin, as smooth as silk, leaving your skin soft and velvety. The benefits are almost immediate. Takes away all red hues from discoloration, leaving you with a glowing, radiant complexion.

Let’s talk about the powerful ingredients in this beauty potion:

Light Kaolin Clay
A mineral, 100% natural from earth. This is mined all over the world, but originally it was mined in the Kao-Lin mountain in China for centuries. Best for sensitive skin, gentle skin brightened and removal of toxins.
* 100% natural light kaolin clay powder-Kaolin clay is considered to be one of the gentlest facial clays. It has kaolinite, a mineral that consists of layered silicate. While the mineral is found all over the world, it has been mined at the Kao-ling mountain (China) since ages.
* Kaolin clay absorbs extra oil from your skin’s surface, thereby keeping your pores unclogged. It only controls the excess sebum production on your skin surface and does not affect its natural oil level.
* Kaolin clay has cleansing properties that can remove dirt and impurities from your skin pores that lead to acne breakouts. It is gentle to use on your skin, and cleans your skin without making it dry and dull. Kaolin clay is an excellent exfoliator. It can remove even the tiniest quantities of dirt, pollutants and bacteria from your skin, keeping your acne problems at bay.

Amazing cream for women who needs anti aging properties AND adult acne aide. Another amazing potion!!!!


Blue Tansy.
Calming, anti-inflammatory & acne-clearing
Blue Tansy oil is your skincare BFF when it comes to getting that “glow” going. It’s got antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its most common use is to calm irritated skin, reduce heat, and relieve delicate or troubled skin.

Blue tansy’s ability to clear congested pores, kill off pimple-causing bacteria, and reduce redness, make it one of the best oils for acne-prone skin. Therefore, you generally see it in products for sensitive and acne-plagued skin types.
However, even without a skin issue, you can benefit from using blue tansy oil on your skin because of all the antioxidants.


Seaweed is used for the following:

  • Cleansing and detoxing.
  • Improving skin tone and pigmentation.
  • Increasing hydration and trans-epidermal water loss.
  • Helping to balance oil production.
  • Delivering antioxidants to fight free radical damage.
  • Supporting collagen production.
  • Helping to smooth out wrinkles.

The serum is 100% nature-based, vegan-friendly, gentle on the skin, has no parabens or sulfates, and has NO artificial fragrances. Nothing but the highest quality and natural ingredients.


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