Lalaloo Baby Oil | Sleep, Chill, Relax (5 ml)


Lalaloo Sleep & Chill oil aids in relaxation and calmness. Helps your little one relax, calm their tears and body, and settle in for a long well-rested evening. This custom unique special mix of essential oils creates the ultimate nighttime, relaxation blend for a baby to help them ease their emotions and calm their body.


Lalaloo is the collection of products that Shaunna K created for and inspired by her three children. The term “Lalaloo” comes from the lullaby sung by the mom in the Disney classic Lady & the Tramp.

Inspired by the lack of natural, botanical products that effectively helped throughout the various stages of early childhood. From colicky babies to restless or sick nights, Shaunna created botanical products that successfully assisted in helping those hard moments in a mother’s life.

You rub the roller oil on the back of the neck, behind each ear, along the spine, and/or on the bottoms of the baby’s feet then cover with socks. Comes in a 5ml roller ball jar.

Ingredients: Roman chamomile extract, lavender essential oil, clary sage essential oil, peppermint essential oil, and tangerine essential oil.


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