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Don’t overpay web companies to manage your site when you can hire Shaunna K!

You get:


Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, and more! Shaunna K can help you maintain your website, keeping it updated and functioning smoothly!

Have WordPress and hate paying a crapton for a web team to manage it? Don’t overpay web companies to manage your WordPress site when you can hire Shaunna K!

WordPress is the hardest, most complex website backend to manage. Most “web designers” or website managers are not fully trained in WordPress functions. Shaunna K has been creating and managing websites in WordPress for over 7 years. She has created affordable maintenance plans where she is on call to help fix, change, add, and manage your complex pro website. Whether it be adding new site-enhancing plugins to changing HTML coding to help beautify your site design, she offers the most affordable web maintenance plan you will find on the market where you have a direct number to her when any issue arises.

No matter where your site is, this subscription includes:

Stop losing your time figuring out dreary website problems or dealing with website plugins, updates, & backups. Save your time, and effort, and have peace of mind knowing that your website is under a professional’s care.

Set up fee (if needed) is not included in this package. If you need someone to set up your products and create your WordPress website, start here. Once that is complete, subscribe to this plan so Shaunna K can help keep it running smoothly and beautifully.

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Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, GoDaddy (Not WordPress),, Wix

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