Your Child’s Guide



Adults try to understand children by making up elaborate models of the reasons behind childhood behavior, and then they create a language to express fantasies they have generated. And in doing this, they try to impose on real children their pictures of what children are. The result is that the entity known as a child has been created by adults.

Astrology, in fact, is the most curious mixture of the scientific and mystical that has ever existed, which is why it is attacked by both camps (Christianity & Atheism). However, this is also why astrology is so valuable because only through a blending of these two ideals will the human race come to a balanced understanding of the universe and of itself.

Whether you are a parent feeling like you are losing your mind, or a parent needing guidance for your child to ensure you be the best parent possible, I can help you. I will do research and provide a detailed guide for your child. The guide will have the tools and gifts they were born with and have the potential to use to maximize the energies and blessings that the cosmos/God provided them during the birth of their mind, body, and soul. It will help you understand why your child might behave a certain way or require more attention than your other child (etc). Every child is unique. The cosmos is never the same. The likeliness that your child was born was one in 400 trillion… They are not just another child being born to live life…  They were destined to be here. You were destined to be the one to raise them. There is a guide out there and I will help deliver that to you.


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