Your Brand’s Story

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

People are visual

For the past 8 years, “SEO” has been the focus of marketing a business. The goal has been to get traffic to your site and to trend on Google using SEO-enhanced words. Studies have shown that people are visual. Digital design is more important than SEO content because it is the final ingredient to securing a sale. You can bring them to the “waterhole”, but you can’t make them drink… You can get a shit ton of traffic to your site, but if your site is not visually appealing, they won’t stay long. People’s attention span heavily weighs on the visual. Is what they are looking at attractive? Do they immediately picture themselves with your product or service? If they don’t, then you do not have the needed visual art required on a website to build paying clients. It doesn’t matter if you have the best SEO Specialist working on your team. If you rely on stock photos (that numerous other businesses use too) and do not have the ability to showcase your services or products in such a way that the potential client will daydream about having them, then you have lost a sale.

People’s attention span heavily weighs on the visual.

Ask yourself…

Is it eye-catching?

Can people imagine themselves with it?

Are the images unique and not something they will find on other websites?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, then keep scrolling.

Let’s create art with your business

Let’s design what you have to offer

Whether you are offering services or products, we need to create a visual design that properly represents them so as to captivate potential clients. I will do the following:

  • Create a design around your top SEO keywords
  • Capture images that perfectly communicate your service or product in such a way that a customer would imagine themselves with it.
  • Create designs around your branding
  • Incorporate a story that communicates the heart and soul of your company in every still shot and video clip
  • Create your Brand’s Story, an idea built by Shaunna K, where I create a portfolio called a The Brand’s Story that holds the template for you to reference when creating or writing content. This will be yours to keep. No matter who you hire on your team, you can present them with this as a guide to what your business’s design story is.

This is more than just a Branding Guide. This is Your Brand’s Story.

Packages start at $650

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