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Sit down with Shaunna K and let’s bring your site to life! We believe in partnering with people who love their work and who see the value high-quality branding and web design can bring to that work. When you’re passionate about what you do and willing to trust in our expertise—an incredible experience follows.

What I Offer

Professional branding is an investment that allows you to build trust with your audience and convert quality leads into the happiest clients. But investing in professional branding isn’t just about the business wins it brings; it’s also highly personal. It provides the kind of confidence you can’t put a price-tag on, adds ease to your professional life so you can spend more time on your personal life, and—ultimately—helps you build your legacy.

Our Achievement

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My Clients' Brands & Sites

I have had the pleasure of designing & creating some of the most beautiful brands & sites.

Popular Packages

Though I usually customize my quotes per client inquiry, there are some basic popular packages
if you already know what you want and see it below! 

Your Custom Logo

$ 250

I will build you a custom logo that will visually communicate your brand and mission statement. No generic logo generator will be able to customly build your logo. I will sit down and ask you all kinds of questions so I can visually get an idea on your business. It's all in the visuals!

Your Brand's Story Portfolio

$ 598

I'll provide you with the roadmap: Your Brand's Story Portfolio. It is a pdf high resolution with your custom logo, color codes, fonts, theme, marketing samples, and business content. This will serve as your brand's identity. When you are ready to build your website, all you have to do is use this to guide the way!

Your Brand's Story

The full package

$ 1,800

Let’s narrow down your vision. How do you see your brand? Let’s expand that and make a plan. I’ll develop the digital blueprint, you help fine-tune it, and then we make a plan. We will then take that plan and create your website.

Social Media Marketing Kit

$ 625

I will help build your social media channels, design the marketing content for them, write up the content, study and gather the hashtags to get you trending fast. I will make you an influencer! JK. Nah, I'll just get you on the map in the social media world.

Don't see the perfect package you need?

Let’s chat, so we can customize the most cost effective package that will have only the needs you are currently looking for.

Together, we will build
your brand's identity

Because this is such an important step for your brand, we create custom quotes for every client, rather than offering preset packages. This ensures you walk away with every piece of the puzzle you need, without ever paying for something you don’t. Custom quotes are always based on your challenges, goals, and the problems you need us to solve.

Custom Branding

We work together to create your perfect brand, the brand that will accurately and effectively drawn in your perfect clients.

SEO Content Creation

We enhance your SEO throughout your website to ensure you begin trending on google and other search engines within a few months.

Website Design

Whether you are going to manage your website yourself or continue to work with Shaunna K for edits, we find the best host and platform that is user friendly for YOU.

Professional photography

A brand or business is nothing without visuals that draw in the viewer. The key is to get them to imagine themselves with your business. We avoid stock photos and instead capture custom unique images that only YOUR brand holds.

up-to-date trends

Shaunna K will study your competitors and draft up a strategy she recommends to stand above and in front of the line amongst your field of expertise.

Ready to chat?

After submitting your project inquiry, we’ll schedule a discovery call to chat about your vision and goals. If we’re a right fit, we’ll make it official on paper and reserve your project on our calendar before beginning the deep-dive into your business that acts as the foundation for a renewed visual identity and a hard-working website.

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