Your Marketing Manager

Do you need someone to run your marketing endevours? Someone to create social media channels that will draw in organic traffic (the most valuable marketing of all), and build an online presence for you/your brand? You need someone with a proven track record, who has played a part in building numerous and successful marketing campaigns. You need Shaunna K (and her team) as your Marketing Manager. 


Social Media Influencer Holding Like

With over a decade working in the corporate world along with my education, I have become an expert in marketing, digital design, and creative content creation.

Brands We Help Market For

We have worked with some of the most authentic and impactful brands out there.  

Your own personal marketing team

Strategy & Planning

Shaunna K and her team researches your brand and competitors, runs an audit of your site and plans out the best marketing strategies for your social media channels.

Design & Development

Our team creates beautiful posts that engage your audience so that you can focus on your business. We will design visuals and content that is always SEO ready, with trending topics and keywords.

Release & Marketing

We will create visual and copyright content for your channels monthly, with options for us to manage your channels or send you the batch of content for you to post yourself.

What our clients have to say

“Working with Shaunna has been the best marketing decision I have made thus far since starting my holistic botanical brand. She only takes on small and medium companies because she wants to personally work with us vendors selling high risk products because she wants to truly help the industry. She’s original! She knows the ins and outs of this community and gives me so much bang for my buck. What she offers is hugely discounted and that’s only because of her dedication and advocacy to alternative medicine. The other part of her company works with other fields of businesses, but you feel kinda in a special group, getting discounts none of her regular tech or e-commerce clients get to see, only because of her love of natural medicine. You definitely want to be apart of what “kratom girl” does if you’re in this industry. I HIGHLY recommend Shaunna for any marketing or branding projects you might have.“
"Miss Shaunna K is the most professional talented unique and creative woman that I've ever had a chance to work closely with. She takes the time to really understand what you would like her to do for your company. She has designed the most amazing website for my company. She puts other well known high priced web designers to shame! The knowledge she has is very extensive when it comes to web designing. If you think that's great, wait until she makes you a business logo, and company graphics design for product stickers!! The images are of high resolution, very sharp. She gets the job done in lightning speed. Again faster then any big name website designer. The best part is she markets. She understands the marketing world and uses just about ever social media outlet, out there. If I had to rate her a scale of 1-10, I'd give her a 100!!! Great job Shaunna K. Thank you for building the best business in every aspect a company could have!!"
I have known Shaunna for several months now and she is nothing short of Amazing. One of the smartest, most talented women you will ever meet. Not only does she have the drive to excel but she has the knowledge and skill to back it up. We had paid for a logo several month before I met her and I asked her to see if she could do any better. With in a hour she came back with a gem. Shuanna has the ability to see into your business and give you exactly what you need. Not only was the logo better but I felt like she read our minds. This woman is so talented and I highly recommend her for ANY of your business needs. I cant say enough great things about her work ethics and talents. If you hire Shaunna for any of her services, your gonna get the results your business needs!
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